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Protection from advertising

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Advertising is progress mover

Can not argue. The benefits of advertising are great. I can watch almost any TV channel when I want and how much I want. And it's free. Especially if you use an Internet channel for this.
Pay TV adds a headache - additional payments, well, if you bought, you need to look, the binding is shorter.

But why does she get it so much, and exactly on the Internet?
Most annoying when I see the dismemberment or some other nastiness. There is also an advertisement that gives you viruses. Here it is necessary to defend yourself.
And what is the difference between advertising on the Internet from advertising in the usual media?

Simply there is a law on advertising in the media, which limits the size of advertising - no more than XX% of the time of transmission and no more than XX% of the volume of the newspaper or magazine.
So they have to fit into the framework.

On the Internet, it is possible to get out of the framework. Advertising can pop up, layer. Thus, advertising can take up 100% and 200% or more of the size of the most visited page.

Here are the advertising filters, such as Adblock and appeared to solve such a problem. It seems all right, but not everything is so smooth.

The Benefits of Advertising

The benefits are obvious - all the basic services are free. It's not like advertising, we would have lived in a nightmare:
  • pay electricity, internet, phone,
  • pay for email, Skype, Facebook, Yandex, Google.
By the way, the co-founder of Twitter offered to introduce a paid subscription to Facebook to accounts without ads.
All is logical, without advertising - for a fee.

Or it would be necessary to choose what to use on the Internet - by Google or Yandex services. What will we buy?
You can estimate how much the paid services cost now, in a month it would take $50, if you used only part of the Internet.

On the contrary, thanks to the Internet, we reduce our bills.

  • Reducing the number of expensive calls with Skype and email.
  • I refused to use cable TV, increasing speed on the Internet and prefer to watch TV here. Yes, and the choice of TV channels is much more interesting to me.

Subtenard Adblock

Fighters for pure Internet want to eat, like we do with you, only they want at someone else's expense.
Under the guise of combating importunate advertising, Google Adsense, Yandex, is primarily blocked.

So it's easier and more profitable. They've already received a a tidy sum from Google.

But this did not stop them from collecting money for their advertising.

Speaking about the incorrectness of the filter of other advertising, here the code is very clumsy and cuts you never know what. Just need to have this in mind.

Exclusion sites

On official websites I recommend disabling Adblock. As I already wrote, Adblock correctly blocks advertising Google, it is aimed at it, or rather, on the purse of Google. And on other sites blocks what happens.

Often blocked buttons - send to VK, Twitter, Facebook.
I've often met how a video player is blocked.
Sometimes you fill out the form on the official site, but you can not send it or the links do not work at all.

In short, the jambs are there, now and there. Because the sites of Google, Sberbank, TV channels, WebMoney .... other official well-known sites make an exception.
So I know that all the site code will work correctly. And there will not be an annoying advertisement or will not be at all.

Still need to be careful. I somehow went to one site, I had to download something. And on such sites usually a lot of obsessive and ugly advertising. The filter was clean and everything worked.
But when downloading the torrent, the link actually downloaded the virus. I understood that many users would not understand. When did Adblock turn off? The same link gave me the right file.

What if Adblock wins?

What will be the beauty, there will be no advertising. What will all be free to work for us? There will not be any small sites, except for those who do not need Ucoz or And the big ones will be paid.

Example is already there - television. Free with advertising or paid without advertising.
It happens and free without advertising - Culture. Who watches him?
But we all paid for it, budget financing.

By the way, there are clever people who call on the site with advertising to press on all advertising, as often as possible, so that it looks like a wrap-up. And for cheating Google bans the site and does not pay anything at all.
Yes, it is, but Google can easily recognize the setup of a real wrap.
As that time, my earnings jumped every 10 minutes for a couple of hours. I was surprised. To a couple of hours later came in and the earnings were normal. It's just that Google did not include such a wrap-up.

Already, Google launched YouTube Red - it's the same YouTube, only without ads. We pay $9.9 per month and voila! A civilized way to use someone else's labor, and not in a thieves way. Or .... let advertising pay for it, especially since these are not services that are overloaded with advertising.

Odnoclassniki also allowed to disable advertising: pay 100 rub. And for a month advertising is disabled.

We and Adblock

You can write an application to add the site to the Adblock whitelist if the site meets their requirements.
By the way, I only have advertising from Google and I fully follow the rules. Nothing jumps out, I do not ask visitors to click, just use.

In short, I did what they wanted, all advertising was only text, the block on the right removed. So I would lose half of my earnings and earn less than my wife working in a kindergarten.
Okay, I went for it. Adblock has stopped blocking the rest.
In the morning, I noticed that there was almost no earnings, and they blocked most of the remaining text blocks.

I do not know if they are not clean on hand, or a clumsy code. I had to refuse such a service, which did not surprise them at all.


By the way, our site has developed. The first 2 year I myself paid for it, then a year he was not at a loss, then a small earnings and only now he came to self-sufficiency.
And half the time, I spend not on the development of the site, but on protection from Adblock. Otherwise, it is not profitable.

reliable site

Owner: Google
address: USA

Google Contributor

Service for viewing sites without ads.

How it works

We add $5 to your account. When viewing a page without ads, you will be charged for such a viewing. It is listed to the creators of the site (minus a small amount that Google retains to compensate for the cost of the service). The cost of viewing the page without ads is set by the site owner. If it changes the price, you will receive an alert about it. You can change the settings of Google Contributor at any time, as well as add and remove sites from the subscription.