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Level of confidence in the site

Site registration

Address of the site is entered manually

Here's a link to the site Yandex www.yandex.com, but you'll be taken to our web site. But I could register the domain http://www.yamdex.ru, at once you will not notice a difference. Yes and who is looking, and the design of the page is done exactly as in Yandex. You have confidence, and money will go to me, you will not get the goods.

If you type manually, you will get to Yandex, in our case.


A true gem will always be in good frame and requires a good jeweler.
The design should be calm, stylish, not flashy.

Signs of scam:

  1. a lot of large bold text of bright colors,
  2. pop-up windows,
  3. intrusive advertising (this is like stickers on a Mercedes).

You've won a million! All the gift is mobile!

If you promise a lot of money just like that (give money, cell phone ...), remember that no one is sitting and does not dream of gilding you. If someone and distributes prizes, then before that a lot of trumpeting, in order to get additional customers through this. No one secretly distributes prizes. They put pressure on your emotions. We just look at what ultimately is required of us. If someone from us requires only one thousand rubles, the question arises.

Determine the level of untwisted site

The main principle - the younger the site and the less it is promoted, the less trust it has.
If the site is a few years old, it has good attendance, a good level of quoting, in which case you can earn much more by selling this site than stealing 200 rubles from you.
Can you imagine? They spent time on promotion and tools (the site itself will not rise, you can try). And then they take and throw you. You can easily tarnish their name and their losses will be irreparable.

How do we determine the level of promotion of the site?


First we look at whose site it is and how long it's registered.
If the site is registered less than a year ago, then there is a chance that it will be a one-day butterfly. Such a site has a very low level of trust and a high risk will trust it. It is recommended to avoid such sites.




Add URL, ex. ph4.org
If he is high, then he has something to lose.
If the site is targeted at the target, rather than the mass audience. For example, if this is an online store, then the audience should be large. For example, our website has thousands of visitors a day and it is growing. Our web studios attendance is 15-20 people and we do not want more. Because more visitors do not mean more orders. We need a target audience, not gapers, but people who plan to create a website.


If he has a merchant's certificate or higher, then he has something to lose. The fact is that to obtain such a certificate the person himself is registered, his name, and if he gets on the black list, then he does not fix it.
Specify the WM identifier or WM purse
If the certificate is anonymous or formal, then the question arises.


  1. decent, solid, stylish design,
  2. the site is more than one year old,
  3. he has a high citation index,
  4. he is at the top of the ranking.
Such a site is trustworthy.
If he still has a good certificate on WebMoney and good reviews, even more so.

Highly Recommended

Buy apartments, cars, tour trips ... in person, by visiting the office.
You can choose a convenient option from the Internet and order, but you should buy personally.
But you can buy a ticket for a train or plane through the official website of the airline and Russian Railways.