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Your main identification on the Internet is your e-mail address. That is, by conducting financial transactions, making an order, subscribing to the newsletter, communication with the host, etc. How do you know that it is you who made the request, the order ...?
You are sent an email for confirmation and if you answered, it means you are.
Your email address is even more important than your name.

Having access to your email address

  1. You can speak on your behalf. In this case, under the cover of your name. I know such cases.

    A person came to the police, put forward charges, arrested the computer for a couple of months. Questions were resolved, but there were unpleasant moments.

  2. You can access your online blogs (blogs), etc., simply by asking them to send a password, in such cases the password is sent to the registered email. Having an email you have all the passwords.
If you protect your email, then protect yourself from a number of problems:


Choose a unique name, at least 6 characters. For example, does not provide you with an address with a name less than 6 characters. There are not so many short name variants and this is the field of spam activity. For protection choose a unique, not beaten (like Sergei, Vasya, etc.) and not too short a name. Once a number is inserted into the address, or even a digital address is made. Then you can not guess such a name.
But this is only if you are comfortable. You're not paranoid.

Remember, we are not scared of spam, but simply do not give it wide open doors.


Password should be simple enough for you so that you do not forget it, but not enough to crack it and use your address.
Passwords that are easy to crack:
  • date of birth,
  • 111, 333, 777 or something like this,
  • 12345 or qwert - keyboard letters coming in succession.
  • Simple names - sergey, vovan, lena ...
We make a password:
  • consisting of capital and small letters and numbers (not the date of birth or anything else),
  • it's easy enough that you do not forget it,
  • at least 6 characters, not more than 8; This is not necessary, just expect that somewhere you will not be allowed to create a password less than 6 characters, somewhere not allow more than 8; Be prepared to not frantically invent a password that is easy to open or easily forget when registering.

Security Question

It must also be simple, but that no one knows. For example, the name of the first teacher, mother's maiden name, and so on. It's fortunate to write something that was remembered from childhood, but no one knows.

Do not take it formally, I had cases when I could not get to my mail, even typing in the correct password. Then I had to choose the "Forgot password" item and I was given a "Verification Question". After that I could change the password.


This has already been covered in the section on spam, but I repeat. Best protection - prevention. We can not defeat all spam, but we can not help it. The main advice - get 2 e-mail addresses: basic and temporary. And never shine in the main address network.

Primary address:

  • When registering a site,
  • When registering WebMoney, ЮMoney, etc.,
  • When registering something serious and long,
  • We indicate in the business card and inform those with whom we have constant contact.
Temporary address:
  • When registering on forums,
  • When registering on new, not yet verified sites (some collect email addresses and send spam),
  • One-time contacts and the like.
When (not if) there will be spam, just discard the temporary e-mail address and start a new temporary address.

Select Mail

There is a serious suspicion that Russian free mail services (in particular, and sell passwords (an article from Cnews). And what's surprising when we openly sell pirated products everywhere, and in everything, including food, confidential information from banks is sold tomorrow at crossroads, why the Internet is an exception? The West does not want to deal with our business.

In order to protect yourself, use Mail has the best spam filter (now it starts filtering and phishing), I recommend in any case because this is the best email service. About mail services.