Full description

Isle of Tune -
Writing music playing.

A musical island.
A simple game, first we draw streets, as we like.
Then we arrange lanterns, trees, flower beds, houses closer to the road.
Then we expose 3 cars in different places, START and passing by objects we hear a sound.

Incredibox -
Writing music playing.

We create background electronic music for ourselves.
Here everything is simple and clear, understandable if you watch the video.

How it works

  1. Start, click Create your mix
  2. Select the style by the creation years,
  3. The little man and tools appear below, just pulling on It's a tool or a melody that he needs to sound - RHYTHM, EFFECT, MELODY, VOICE,
  4. Immediately the next person appears, select a sound for him,
  5. If you do not like a sound, double-click and remove it,
  6. Liked it? - Write - Record.