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ArtProject and Google

Google Arts & Culture

Virtual tours to museums around the world.

Google launched the project in conjunction with 17 leading museums around the world, including the Tretyakov Gallery and the Hermitage (now more than a hundred museums, including a tour of the White House):

  1. Old National Gallery, Berlin - Germany
  2. Freer Art Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC - USA
  3. Frick Collection, New York - USA
  4. Berlin Picture Gallery, Berlin - Germany
  5. Metropolitan Museum, New York - USA
  6. Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Modern Art, New York - USA
  7. Queen Sofia Museum, Mad Spain
  8. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid - Spain
  9. Kampa Museum, Prague - Czech Republic
  10. National Gallery, London - United Kingdom
  11. Versailles Palace - France
  12. State Museum, Amsterdam - Netherlands
  13. The State Hermitage, St. Petersburg - Russia
  14. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow - Russia
  15. The Tate Gallery, London - United Kingdom
  16. The Uffizi Gallery, Florence - Italy
  17. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam - The Netherlands
  • 17,000 paintings,
  • 600,000 graphic works,
  • more than 12,000 sculptures,
  • 300,000 hand-made articles,
  • 700,000 archaeological values ​​
  • and 1,000,000 numismatic values.
You can walk around the museums on the principle of Streetview on Google Maps. Or watch separately pictures in very high resolution, up to 7000 megapixels. That is, you can enjoy the whole picture or bring it closer, such as an eye or a button.

Online access to exhibits from 1200 museums, galleries and other organizations in 70 countries.


  1. Zoom in: view the exhibits in detail
  2. Virtual Reality Mode: use Google Cardboard glasses to immerse yourself deeper into the world of art.
  3. Search for artifacts by creation time and colors.
  4. Virtual tours: visit famous museums and get acquainted with world sights.
  5. Create collections: add your favorite works of art in your own collections and share them with your friends.
  6. Search for museums and cultural events near you
  7. Exhibitions: browse through exhibits selected by experts
  8. Daily reports: learn new things every time the application is launched.
  9. Recognition of exhibits: get information about works of art by pointing the camera on them, even without an Internet connection (available in some museums).
  10. Notifications: subscribe to popular news from the world of art and culture.

Finding a portrait

Finds our twins on works of art.

A VPN connection is required. We recommend Turbo VPN.

Works on face recognition and neural networks. Provides a number of options and indicates the level of similarity. There is an amazing similarity, but there are also ridiculous jambs.

While the function is available in the US, we recommend using VPN. On iOS, turn off the current Apple ID, geolocation, change the language to English and the region to the USA, set up a new Apple ID and include VPN and Arts & Culture.

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