Web-master / Promotion / Promotion


A set of measures to attract targeted visitors to the site.

This combination:

  1. contextual advertising,
  2. Search engine optimization,
  3. media, banner advertising,
  4. other. Legitimate ways of Internet advertising,
  5. design,
  6. site content.
Raises traffic to the site:
  • Regular updates. Without updates, the site will be like an abandoned house. Increases attendance only for the updated site.
  • Newsletter is a very good tool for website promotion. It greatly accelerates the attendance of the site. Actually the site's traffic will always grow, the dispatch will only speed up this process, and will not raise attendance.
  • Content is what really determines attendance.
  • Forum is a good tool for raising the attendance of the site, but it must be started, unwound, lead.
  • Bulletin board.
  • Offer free services or something free download.
  • Declare a contest.
  • Articles in electronic journals.
  • Free e-books.
  • Good mailing.
  • Create a list of resources.
  • offline methods of site promotion.
  • Leave links to forums and message boards, where it fits thematically.
Note that all these things help keep visitors.

It is much more efficient registration in target directories: thematic and regional.

Exchange links with other sites.