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Web profession

There are Internet professions.
Here, not the professions like webmaster, web programmer, which are obvious and are known to everyone, will be offered:
  • Web Translator, do not confuse with web dictionaries, You can order translations via the Internet, ex. smart-link.ru, Regardless of your place of residence and quickly receive answers.

  • Web psychologist. Not everyone has the opportunity to find a psychologist, especially good where he lives.

  • Web consultant on all sorts of topics, ex. Lawyer (mosadvocat.ru).

  • Virtual tutor - tutoring through Skype.

  • Outsourcing is a purely Internet concept, it is a transfer to an outside contractor of supporting its secondary business processes. In the west it is becoming increasingly popular to transfer routine work to Indians. Reasons: it's cheaper and Indians have a good command of English.
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  • Home Office. A growing number of companies, especially in the west, who prefer to have remote office employees. Savings are saved for the rental of expensive offices, the purchase and maintenance of computers in small firms. And in large all the same local offices are ineffective, Because their scope is much broader.

  • Freelancer - not only an Internet concept, it's so to say "free artist", ex. There are web studios, and there are private traders, Which make sites on order.
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  • Site Tester - an outsider actively uses the site to the customer, then gives a list of errors, broken links, inconvenience, issues a report and recommendations.

  • The beggar - collection of funds via the Internet for some purpose or the cause of some problem.
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Remote work abroad.

The most important thing here is trust, then you have the opportunity to have a stable job.
For this purpose, a community network has been created.