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(outer source using)
Transfer of some functions to an outside contractor.

A simple example

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, high wages in the province are much lower.
There are jobs that you can do anywhere, just at home to computer.
Here and hired for a specific job of employees for remote work.

The principle of outsourcing: "I leave to myself only what I can do better than others, I pass on to the external performer what he does best of all."

In the Russian business practice, outsourcing is most often transferred functions such as accounting, office maintenance, etc. There are entire sites that offer to take on many functions of accounting and office.

IT Outsourcing is the outsourcing of a number of internal services and (or) internal services of the customer company, including using (for example, renting) its software products, applications, hardware and infrastructure fragments. Outsourcing allows the company-customer to save costs and significantly reduce the complexity and costs of operating information systems and applications, to concentrate on the company's main business processes without being distracted by auxiliary ones.

In the west, it is becoming increasingly popular to outsource to reduce the tax burden. The negative part of which is the loss of jobs.

Setup of all home hard and soft

Assistance in setting up home technical equipment or software.

Problems with the Internet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, computer, smartphone or TV.

Once it is easy. You just need to know something or find out.

However, if you do not do it yourself, you can call the wizard on the site.
The truth is not the fact that the master is in your city.


Services of handymen, workers, etc.
A platform where workers and employers find each other.
Let's say you need to make repairs or other one-time work and you do not need to recruit staff for this.
Previously, this was called shabashka.
And someone wants to earn some money.


Comfort your home in your hands.
This is how a site defines itself, that is, a site about a house and how to maintain it with your own hands.
Articles, advice, reviews, ratings.

All sorts of articles

  1. Wardrobe
  2. Video,
  3. Cleaning,