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freelancer Who is a freelancer?

The so-called mercenaries, ready to fight for anyone who pays them.
Today, a freelancer is a person who works on a non-contract basis and does not have a written commitment to the employer.

A number of professions rarely have full employment. This category includes: teleworker, free journalist, translator, photographer, designer, web designer, programmer.

Often this kind of profession becomes an addition.

But everywhere there are pluses and minuses.

Freelancer and law

Freelancers appeared when "parasites" disappeared. During the Soviet period, many worthy creative people passed through this article. Today the state recognizes the legitimate voluntary non-employment of citizens.

Now, when freelancers are in the law, this is not a state affair (and not a criminal one), but a private matter.

Everywhere there are pluses and minuses.


  • Good earnings.
  • Own to yourself.
  • Flexible working time.
  • Are not dependent on one employer.


  • Responsibility for the work done, not the same time.
  • No one provides work.
  • It is necessary to delve into all the problems of the customer.
  • The instability of earnings.
  • The possibility of deception.

How do you find each other a freelancer and employer?

  • Freelancer can offer his services himself - via the Internet, newspaper ads or use personal connections.
  • Recruiters are professional intermediaries between the employee and the client.
  • Through sites like
  1. - We Work Remotely - A lot of IT vacancies for remote work. Of course, there are regular vacancies with full employment. The design is simple and straightforward.
  2. - Jobspresso - A database of remote job vacancies of all kinds from online to work at home.
  3. - RemoteOK - Site of different kinds of vacancies. The simplest navigation: the search form and the list.
  4. - Weblancer - You need to login and register.

reliable site

address: USA

Dribbble Jobs

Remote work for designers: graphic, UX, UI, grocery, web designers and front-end designers. Here is an impressive list of very serious companies that used to publish their vacancies, including Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Yelp and Tumblr.

iTunes Android

Habr Freelance

Exchange of remote work for IT specialists.
A platform where customers find specialists to perform tasks, and freelancers receive orders.
Popular categories: website development, software and mobile applications, design and content creation.

Customers place orders for free.
Leave a response and see the customer's contact details - a paid service.

Evaluation of the adequacy of the user, feedback. Qualification of the freelancer is reflected in his portfolio and the story about himself. Reliability of the customer is assessed by the date of registration on the site and the number of closed orders during this time.

Habr Freelance does not provide payment services between users, freelancers and customers themselves agree on the terms of fulfilling orders, the amount and method of payment.


Navigator in the world of freelancing.

Collected unique information about freelancing and remote work. There are free services for freelancers and customers.

The section for beginners contains basic information for beginning freelancers.

Compiled catalog of professions in demand on freelancing. Each profession has a detailed description, there are pros and cons, how to master the profession and where to learn from it. Links to useful materials are given. After studying the catalog, you can choose the best profession to work as a freelancer.

In the section with master classes you can find free lessons. After reading them, you can master one of the most popular professions on the Internet at a basic level and start making money online.

address: USA


The purpose of the site is that women help women to return to work after a decree or another kind of break.
The site has a database of vacancies from employers who understand who to encounter.
Registration is complicated, but then we will not waste time on unnecessary interviews.
A trial period of 2-4 weeks of the test period is provided to find out how suitable this job is for you.


The largest outsourcing market in the world.
Probably because Paypal has become fully functional for Russians.

Just go in, register, indicate our abilities and based on the specified you will receive an email regularly with applications that might interest you. You choose what you are interested in and wait for you to choose.

Well, the main advantage is that payment passes through this service, so that it is guaranteed to you.

address: Russia

My Notifier

A site for freelancers that collects information about orders from the six largest freelance sites and delivers them directly to the Windows desktop.

Currently the following sites are categorized:

  8. Fre
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