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Beta version of the social network for world leaders - World Economic Leaders Community (WELCOM).

Thanks A social network developed with the participation of Adobe, British Telecom and Microsoft, partners and members of the Forum will be able to discuss in the virtual space the full range of issues traditionally submitted for consideration.

WELCOM will allow its participants to videoconference, exchange documents and work together on Them, to hold discussions on various issues, including in the format of discussion groups with little access. The results of the joint work can be published in a section accessible to the general public. The social network of the world political and economic elite will also provide its users with the usual opportunities for social networks, such as the publication of personal data, information about education and workplaces, the exchange of personal Messages, etc.

According to the head of the information and analytical service of the IPU UNESCO Information for All, Evgeny Altovsky, WELCOM, of course, will not be the place where Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama They will discuss the problems of non-proliferation of nuclear technologies, and the prime ministers of the exporting countries and oil-consuming countries agree on a fair price for "black gold." Rather, the social network of the world's political and economic elite is a tribute to fashion, Altovsky - and all the participation of the powerful in this work will be limited to "demonstrative speeches", after which WELCOM will be used by their assistants to discuss the agenda of the next Forum and to post on behalf of their patrons the information that it E will seriously damage their interests in case of inevitable leakage.

In any case, personal e-mail addresses and photos made by presidents and prime ministers during the vacation in WELCOM should not be exactly searched for.


On this site you can ask your idols.

You can follow what happens in the lives of famous people. The site invites popular and interesting people of various activities, who write notes and answer your questions. For them, this is a convenient way to communicate with all your fans at once.

Sign up and select the idols that you like. This will allow them to read their notes and ask them any questions. And also quickly learn about new notes and answers. Ask your idols about everything that you have long wanted to learn from them. Once the answer is received, you are informed by email. Read the answers to other people's questions and participate in their discussions.

Do you miss your idols? Write whom you would like to see here, and they will be called.


The music portal will help you easily find everything you would like to know about the artist or band that are popular today in Russia or in the world. This is something like an electronic music encyclopedia that includes:
  1. listening to MP3,
  2. viewing photos and video clips,
  3. trustworthy facts and show business news.
In the plans competitions among visitors to the site, holding meetings with the Stars, concerts, presentations, support for independent musicians.

address: Russia

Who was born

Which famous person was born on this day?

We go to the site and get a list with small photos of the most famous people who were born today.

You can choose the day yourself, you can look at the year.

address: USA
The site has a huge database of stars with the indicated growth.

The site immediately warns that the growth is indicated approximately, because the information is taken from various sources, official sites, agencies ..., and someone could grow up.

Somehow I came across a ruler where against each centimeter the growth of a famous person is indicated and you will be pleased to know that one of the greats of your growth.

On this site you can find many of these, even if you are not very tall.
So be of a higher opinion of yourself!