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  1. quickdraw.withgoogle.com - Quick, Draw! - Drawing on using neural network.

Chrome Music Lab

To make a song, add notes by clicking the grid. Then, share your song with a link. You can also use a MIDI keyboard or sing a note into your mic.

You can also use your computer keys. Press the arrow keys to move, enter and backspace to add and remove notes, and spacebar to play.

Russian - Englesh

reliable site

Owner: Google
address: USA


Drawn to quickly create simple drawings in the browser.

The goal is not to draw, but just to visually sketch something. How we do it on a piece of paper.
Such drawings are not valuable and are not stored, however, you can save and edit them here in the future.Everything is simple and minimal.

How it works

  1. Choose a paint color (only primary colors are offered, however, you can choose a palette and choose any color)
  2. choose a pen (pencil, pen, marker)
  3. there is a rubber band
  4. The drawing is automatically saved in your collection.
  5. can be imported into a .PNG format image and downloaded.


We create pictures and sketches with a wide variety of brushes.

Learn to draw in 30 days!

The site will teach you to draw, step-by-step lessons, master classes.

Site offers courses (in parentheses the number of lessons)

  1. Drawing lessons for beginners (34)
  2. Drawing lessons for children (5)
  3. Drawing lessons with color pencils
  4. Zentangle (45)
  5. How to draw letters (6)
  6. Drawing articles in pencil (12)
  7. How to draw a face (1)
  8. How to draw a pony (5)
  9. How to draw an owl (2)
  10. How to draw flowers (5)
  11. Drawing books (1)
  12. Drawing lessons Watercolors (9)
  13. Pastel drawing lessons (1)

A Web Whiteboard

A simple risovalka online.


  1. Choose a pencil, scissors, text, image, delete ...
  2. the thickness of the pencil,
  3. the color of the pencil.
There is an opportunity to share our creativity or invite a friend and create onlin


Draw pixel art and share with others.



Sketch Toy

Very simple drawing tool.
Select the size and color of the brush and draw. There is an eraser, you can also set the erase thickness.

address: Russia


The best online Drawing Lessons, written by acknowledged graphic artists.

They will be of interest to both beginners and already advanced artists.
There is a rubricator to help you find the right topic.
In the forum you can ask all your questions and get comprehensive answers.



Editor of charts online.
We go, we will be offered to use cloud services, if you have them: Google Drive, Dropbox ...
Offers to use Google account and registration is not needed.
Df offers a variety of different Such as diagram templates.
We take the ready-made and edit for our purposes as the basis.

The result can be saved as JPG, PNG or SVG formats, and also as an XML file that can be opened in Diagramly.

Global Internet board for drawing. Or, a super joint creativity in real time. Anyone can connect to the project and draw a picture on the selected site (zoom to 100%, solve the puzzle and wait for the ink to drip, and they pour very slowly).

Decent work collected in Hall of Fame.
There is accelerated rewind history for the year.


address: Russia


Another simple and understandable sketcher.
Registration is required.
You can draw with the mouse, but on the tablet it turns out more interesting.


The site assures that everyone can draw. If you do not agree, he offers to teach you for free.