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You may in internet

  1. Visit sites - image banks.
  2. See the gallery of figures of the Internet.
  3. Participation in photo contests.
  4. Create your photo album.
  5. Virtual Cards.
  6. Learn to photograph and process photos.
  7. Advices on photo processing.
  8. Download a photo processing program.
  9. Sell photos.
  10. Print photos - some Photo of hosting may print photos.
  11. Search person by photo.

Search for free pictures

  1. - PhotoPin - Free photos for bloggers with Flickr.
  2. - Creative Commons Search - The official search engine of Creative Commons, which develops open licenses for images.
  3. - Image Finder - This service started out as a handy Flickr search engine, but later began indexing other resources.

Pic Markr

Protecting your photos, and simply a simplified way of applying watermarks.
Free, does not require registration.

We upload a photo to the site, for this purpose there is a special way of loading.
At a time no more than 5 photos, up to 25 Mb.
You can change its size by 500, 800 or 1024 pixels.
Then choose the type of watermark - text or graphic, the location on the photo - at the top, at the bottom ..., Level of transparency, color.
We enter text or define graphics for the watermark. You can also choose a title option, also a text or picture, but in the whole photo as a background.

After that you can download back your photo.


Determining a person's age from a photo.

How it works

  1. Drag the photo into the form field or specify the URL of the photo,
  2. The service determines the age.
In fact, he rather guesses, because I was 8 years younger than I actually am.

Bank pictures everystockphoto

Search for photos that you can later use without infringing copyrights.


The physiognomy of the Russian Internet (FRI) is a gallery of prominent network figures.
The project has been counting since November 1997 and is supported by the International Union of Internet Figures "ELSE" ".

All photos, screenshots, dates and information blocks are provided by their owners. Exhibits of the gallery have full access to their profiles. The creators of the gallery are not responsible for updating and maintaining the questionnaires.