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reliable site

email: og@phpwcms.org


Ideal for professionals, organizations and private users. Easy in learning, flexibility in design and content management. Many powerful but simple features will help publishers and network developers.


reliable site


Portal system with a wide range of modules.

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reliable site

email: info@typo3.org
tel.: +7 495 210-05-81, + 41 41 511 00 35


TYPO3 has one of the most complex control panels, but also more features.
This CMS is only for a big site, it needs a big hosting, cumbersome.

I would not recommend that you start with this CMS. Not all of them master it. Try WordPress, and if it is not enough, then you are here.

TYPO3 is suitable for creating blogs, online newspapers, educational portals, online stores and ...

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reliable site


The first free open source CMS. The control panel is more complicated then WordPress. You can make a fairly powerful and big site.

A big number of themes and plug-ins have been created.
Here you can create a news site, online store, catalog, bulletin board, even a small social network.

However, for the full use of Joomla! It would be nice to have some knowledge of web programming.

Fantastico F3

Script library that automates the installation of web applications to a website. Fantastico scripts are executed from the administration area of a website control panel such as cPanel. Fantastico's web site claims that they are installed on ten thousand servers, with a million users worldwide.

Russian - Englesh

reliable site


Also worthy of attention.
Easily adjusts keywords, it's easier to promote than other CMS.
It is not difficult and convenient to administer.

Expanded by modules (payment systems, RSS, statistics, subscription, chat ...), but not as much as for WordPress. And those finished even less.

Here you can create a small online store or another site with financial transactions. The security system is not suitable for banks or big stores.


Professional CMS. Paid.
The main feature is integration with 1C-accountancy.
Online payment systems are easy to set up.

Suitable for corporate sites, large online stores.


Buy once, no additional payments will be required, unless you are persuaded to subscribe, updates.

But the CMS itself is very professional and does not need additional updates.


You can add various functions through the Marketplace Catalogue (in your control panel), there are free and paid.

I especially want to mention the shell ASPRO, which we decided to try, moreover, it is not cheap.

We were assured that it would be of great use, but we never saw what it was.
We were shown what she looks like. But in fact, she looked pretty much the same as a simple Beatrix.
Because we'll replace all their pictures with our own. And the menu, the website style, the same.
Some kid was doing the installation, it's set up in a few clicks, we had to wait a few days.

The old base is being demolished, everything has to be re-injected, there are no options. They can help with that, for 15,000 rubles.

When we decided to give it up, we were denied a refund, they said when we bought it, they sent us the key and it's irreversible.

Just lost time and money.


It's very long.
There are accounts in social networks, a phone, but there will not help you, almost all their contacts are busy with only one thing - sales.

Control Panel

Pretty modern, professional.
In my opinion, overloaded, it will take time to get used to it.
There are comfortable things, there are weird things.


This CMS is usually chosen by those who need a very big Internet project.
The control panel is much more complicated, but also more functional, which is suitable for a corporate network.
Many tools for managing a unified database of users.

Thousands of plug-ins that will add a system of blogs, forums. Drupal has its very good forum where you can help each other to learn and use CMS to the maximum.

But as for those, the choice is not great, so it will be necessary to try or contact others, here the forum will help.