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  1. - - There are thousands of free music to download. You can see which MP3s are downloaded more often and which ones are played more often. You can register and download music if you are a musician.
  2. - Unsigned Band Web - Many kinds of songs, broken into more than 70 categories for download. Just listen to the online does not work. You can download your music, for musicians.


Media Library of the Orthodox portal.

Audio Versions of Bible Translations

  • Psalms of David to the verses of Taras Shevchenko
  • New Testament. Translation ed. bp Cassian (Bezobrazov)
  • Russian translation of the Old Testament (P. Jüngerov)
  • Gospel. Book of Job. Psalms. (S.S. Averintsev)
  • Old Testament in modern Russian translation (RBR)
  • The Bible in modern Russian translation, ed. M.P. Kulakov
  • Synodal translation. Bible. Reads Alexander Bondarenko.
  • Psalms in Church Slavonic.
  • Modern Russian translation of the New Testament "Good News"
  • Bashlanmish (The Book of Genesis in Bashkir)
  • Raidian (Genesis in Ossetian)
  • Ekhineh Ekhin (Book of Genesis in the Buryat language)
  • Ayylly (Book of Genesis in the Yakut language)
In addition to the text of the Bible, the site has a lot of media material:
Orthodoxy in MP3, archive of Orthodox chants, video archive.

Personally, I am interested in the “New Testament Seminars” by the author of the New Testament “Joyful News”.

You can not only listen to the audio material, but also download it.

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Free downloading music from one of the first independent sites.

Like Jamendo, you do not need to create an account for downloading music.

Also, music is well ranked by categories: best songs, popular downloads, popular songs and the most popular. Mixter

Service of free distributed music under Creative Commons license.
All music can be downloaded, used and distributed.
However, not everything can be used for commercial purposes, specify.


Big base of magnifiers, samples and vocal tracks.
Everything can be downloaded and used in your arrangements.

address: Vietnam

CC Trax

База электронной музыки для скачивания: дабстеп, техно, хаус, даунтемпо и эмбиент.
Поддерживается скачивание альбомами. Не все можно использовать для коммерческих целей.


Music that can be downloaded and freely used, to make remixes.

Everything can be used for commercial purposes.
The only condition is that you specify Jason Shaw's authorship.

Base of samples with drums, piano and guitar chords in hip-hop or jingle style.
Everything can be used for free in your track for radio program, TV show, podcast.


Base of music for free use.
3,000 compositions by 400 authors.
Not everything can be used for commercial purposes, check out.



Base of free music.
Can be used for commercial purposes. You don't have to specify anything.
A track with high quality sound will cost money.


Base of music for free use.
Mention of authors is required.
The site is structured by genres and moods.

Donations are welcome.



A popular and free MP3 system in which you can listen and download songs online.

The site does not post songs, but receives them from YouTube and other sources.

We need to know the name of the song we are looking for and enter in the search query.


Social network of music. There is streaming music, the ability to download MP3 or sell through the online store. Of course there are all social: friends, videos, photos, blogs and ... At the moment there are more than 4.5 million songs, More than half a million bands and artists. 4.5 million participants.

Free Music Archive

Another online music library where you can find and download free music from all genres.

Music is available through the licensing of Creative Commons, meaning that the artists themselves decided that they want to give their music for free.

All the music was selected curators, and every page of the artist has a biography and links to the artist's homepage.

This will help users learn more about the artists.