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A computer program by which another program (usually an operating system) accesses the hardware in a standard way.

Simply, everything in the computer is divided into hardware (physical part - hard disk, printer, scanner, mouse ...) and software. There are different operating systems and different computer hardware. How does the program know which signal, how and where to send the printer to print, what we did so beautifully, our email went to our address via modem, etc.? This connection is carried out by the drivers. These are programs that programmatically connect our devices to make them work.

If you think that you do not need it, you are mistaken. When you need each one.

First of all, - the support service

Common error.
Our person does not read the instructions and does not contact support. But you bought, paid money and have the right to use it. You must be provided and support services created for you.

So, first of all we are looking for the drivers we need to the site of the manufacturer. For example, we need a driver for the Canon LBP 2900 printer.

  1. We type in the search engine Canon, it is likely to be or,
  2. click on the link, in this case it's, select the service, then the drivers, and then we enter or choose our model .
  3. Choose an operating system, usually Windows XP and language.
  4. Download, that is, download.
In the same place, we can request installation instructions.

Another common mistake.
If you are not answered, infuse, remember you have the right. I had a case when they did not answer me. I wrote again, they did not answer me again. I wrote again and quickly answered and sent instructions with direct links. Be persistent.

We demolish Windows Vista and put Windows XP

This is a separate conversation, but do not use Windows Vista. This is a raw version and nothing will save it. The first versions in their lines were Windows 95 and Windows NT. But everyone uses Windows 98 and Windows XP. Why, because in these version the product was brought to mind. Windows Vista is the first swallow in its lineup.

The usual problem, we buy a computer, and there Windows Vista. We demolish it and put Windows XP, and there is no driver for XP to the site.

What if there are no drivers to the site of the manufacturer?

  1. Contact support and we will be persistent. It helps sometime.

  2. All motherboard manufacturers use third-party chipsets (except Intel). If to the site of the motherboard manufacturer there are no drivers for the motherboard, this does not mean that they will not be to the site of the chipset manufacturer. I recognize the installed chipset using Everest.

  3. Go to the site of the manufacturer and look for the driver for Windows Vista, find out the name of the equipment, copy it and look for it.

  4. Well, and just looking for a driver in the search engine, there will be a bit of garbage, it will take some time, then download.
Large database of drivers.
There is a search for the required drivers, you can also look among the new ones, read the news.
Perhaps the most useful site in its category.

Russian - Englesh
address: Russia
One of the leading driver libraries.

More than 6 million drivers for almost 200 thousand devices from more than 500 manufacturers.
The total size of drivers hosted on the site’s servers is over 350 TB.

All drivers are hosted on their servers and are available for free download.

DriverPack Solution

The most popular program for automatically installing, updating and searching for drivers.
Plus it's free.

This is the driver installation manager for all versions of Windows. Unlike the built-in driver update function in Windows 7, this program can be used even without the presence of Internet and to search/install drivers not only for popular vendors (as in the case of Windows Update).

  • Automatic installation of drivers - all drivers for ~ 5 minutes.
  • Saving time - we only shake the driver 1 time.
  • All drivers on one DVD-ROM.
  • Ability to update drivers.
  • Supports all modern OS, 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • A simple and intuitive interface.