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Pasporta Servo

International guest service.
You can stop for free or for a symbolic fee.
This is the service of the World Youth Esperanto Organization (Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Organizo). So the knowledge of the international language of Esperanto is compulsory.

By the way, it is not difficult to teach it. Simply start. Especially if you do not know other languages. It is much better not just to spend the night, but to talk.


Best way to host travelers: in return for help, money or for free? You choose!

stay and help

Hosts with a red circle host in return for help. You can stay with a local and help him building his garage or looking after his kids.

stay and pay

Hosts with a yellow circle host in return for money. You pay for your stay in return for accommodation and electricity.

stay for free

Hosts with a blue circle host in return for free. They like to welcome you as a part of their life.

address: Russia


The largest Russian-speaking vacation service for exchanging, renting accommodation from hosts, accommodation in guests.
Spend your vacation inexpensively, and with the comfort of home with us will be easier.

Vacation exchange and accommodation with the owners - are unique in their advantages.
It is a significant savings, and the freedom and opportunity to make new friends in different cities and countries.
It's perfect for a family vacation or a vacation with friends.


One of the largest guest networks.
Search by map.
There is a Russian version of the site.
Unites more than 1.000.000 members in 231 countries (as of April 2009).

Members of the network provide free of charge Each other's help and accommodation during their travels and organize joint trips (however, sometimes, by mutual agreement, guests pay for a phone or food). Registration is free.

Each member of the network can leave a comment on the site of the person who visited him or about the hosts who hosted him.

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Search for people willing to provide accommodation or show your city.

But you can't just use people, you first need to build relationships.
The service encourages trust, adventure, and intercultural communication.


One of the largest guest networks.
Search by map.
It has existed since July 2000 and currently brings together over 320,000 members from more than 200 countries.

Network members provide each other with free help And accommodation during travel and organize joint trips (however, by mutual agreement, sometimes guests pay for a phone or food).
The project is supported by a group of volunteers.

The goal of the project is to collect a million members in the near future.