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Best way to host travelers: in return for help, money or for free? You choose!

stay and help

Hosts with a red circle host in return for help. You can stay with a local and help him building his garage or looking after his kids.

stay and pay

Hosts with a yellow circle host in return for money. You pay for your stay in return for accommodation and electricity.

stay for free

Hosts with a blue circle host in return for free. They like to welcome you as a part of their life.

address: Russia


The largest Russian-speaking vacation service for exchanging, renting accommodation from hosts, accommodation in guests.
Spend your vacation inexpensively, and with the comfort of home with us will be easier.

Vacation exchange and accommodation with the owners - are unique in their advantages.
It is a significant savings, and the freedom and opportunity to make new friends in different cities and countries.
It's perfect for a family vacation or a vacation with friends.

Book an apartment in the cities of Russia and neighboring countries.

100,000 offers from verified owners.

The site declares the guarantee of settlement.
This is the main feature of this site. Choose - take yours. That is, immediately after your click becomes unavailable to others, your name is registered in the database and there is no need to wait for confirmation of the hosts.

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Daily rent of apartments for rest and trips in Russia and soon will be in Ukraine.
Private sector for leisure and travel in Russia.
It's easier and cheaper to go to Egypt or Turkey than to Russia.
But there are many places in which it would be interesting to go, we just do not know all the possibilities.

Convenient search on the map from Yandex. We can specify our requirements:

  • area or direction, eg. Rest on the sea, rest in the Altai, ski resorts ...
  • choose the price range interesting to us (of course, the cheaper the easier the housing),
  • search with a filter: bungalow, cottage ... refrigerator, Internet, TV ...
Suggested accommodation - hotels, houses and apartments. So you can find very inexpensive.


Registration allows you to remember the history, collect photos and videos, share them, which helps you choose the place for your next trip.
You can sign in using VK, Moi Mir or Facebook.

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