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An attempt to stabilize the exchange rate by tying quotes to conventional currencies or valuable resources (gold, oil).


Crypto money is a very new thing and rather raw, and therefore it is not clear how they will behave in all kinds of crises.

The fact is that the crypt is not backed by anything, there is nothing behind it, and as a result, there is huge volatility.
Everyone admired the rapid growth of the course, but it can also fly off.

Say, the stability of the currencies of states determine the availability of gold-foreign exchange reserves and the economy.
For example, during the years of perestroika, the dollar staggered, and in Russia, as a result, a default occurred, because the economy was killed and could not survive.

For this reason, the second stage of the development of the crypt went, so to speak - protection from market shocks.
So far, nothing better has been found than pegging to the dollar, gold, oil.
Thus, the crypto has not become more stable than other traditional currencies, but has become more similar.

That is, the crypt is not more stable or more reliable, but is still a huge experiment with pitfalls.
When they launch the digital ruble, the digital yuan... let's see what such competition brings and reveals.