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The type of digital currency, the creation and control of which is based on cryptographic methods.


Gold was ~ 25 times more expensive than silver and was mainly used for wholesale trade or other large settlements.

Initially, the money was the weight of precious metal. That's why the name is pound for example. The accuracy of weight was confirmed by a seal on which was the face or the name of the guarantor of accuracy. As a rule - the face of the king. Try to fake it. That's why they were afraid to forge. It was more profitable to play in the market with the weight and volume of goods. To make weights of smaller weight, a container of smaller volume.

Finding coins in architectural excavations is good luck. On coins, you can recognize the ruler, and for him the time.

Base metals

Along with the precious began to appear copper coins. But the copper of a kind of metal and its value fluctuated from a slashing price to more than gold. Therefore, copper could not be a full-fledged coin, it was like today's pennies.

It came to the point that they started to produce coins from base metal. After all, the main thing on the coin is the seal of the king.


These are securities that have been protected against forgery.

In fact, it's like iron coins, only to forge at that time more difficult. This is now banknotes look solid. Before, they looked much grove and that there was confidence in them, they could be exchanged for gold. On the banknotes, the weight of gold could be indicated, which could be obtained for them in the bank.

Electronic money

They appeared on the Internet with the ability to make payments online and the appearance of scammers, because they feared.

Features. Let's look at the example of the most popular at our time - WebMoney. It was expensive to enter the Internet and withdraw. But payments and transfers within the network were with very low commissions, and even without them.

ЮMoney has changed this situation. Now you can enter money without commission, and you do not even need to display it, just start a plastic card and use it offline. Today, most people prefer to use a plastic card online and offline. Here and ЮMoney is not needed.

So money became just a figure. Their provision is GDP, our economy.

Crypto currency

Initially, the banknotes were the paper equivalent of gold, which was kept in the bank. Electronic money is the equivalent of cash in digital form, like plastic cards, which can always be cashed.

Just as paper money got rid of gold and set off on a free float with a floating rate, inflation, the crypto currency is no longer tied to our real money. This currency - without the state and banks. But it's still a currency, with its course.

Like electronic money at the beginning. It's expensive to buy a crypto currency and sell it. Have to pay a good interest. But then we live with money not controlled by the bank and the state.

On the one hand, I like that money is controlled by the bank and the state. Let's say I made payments on the Internet more than once, and it happened that the money went away, but the recipient did not receive it. What to do? Panic? No, we just teach one phrase - SUPPORT SERVICE. Money is figures and they do not go anywhere to nowhere. There is always an addressee. And I did not have a case, that money was not found and did not return where necessary.

On the other hand, banks keep our money, but they use them from the heart. See which banks have buildings and premises on expensive central streets of cities.

And the state? It robs pohlesche every bank. For example, every year at the end of the year there are sales, and at the beginning of the next, prices are rising. Why? - Inflation. The state prints nothing unsecured money. In other words, it printed money to itself. We would be imprisoned for this. This results in a hidden tax.

So the crypto currency does not have banks or the state or any other intermediary. This is the main idea and advantage of the crypto currency.

Disadvantages of crypto currency

The first drawback is how to pay? I do not know, maybe I pay a little over the Internet? But I regularly pay for hosting, domain names, phone, TV, a number of other payments, I make purchases in a number of online stores. I have not seen payment options via Bitcoin, especially through other crypto-currencies.
There is a possibility of paying crypto currency even in some establishments. But there are so few of them and I'm not in those places.

Bitcoin initially grew very strongly and began to discuss the topic, which they say is the best place for investment. Any specialist will tell you that Bitcoin is not a place for investment. He reached his peak, collapsed, now behaves very volotilno. Over time, people will understand that this is not the place of investment and there will be an outflow.

Experiment. Still, today's crypto currency is an experiment. There is a general idea, the components are unknown and it is unclear how it will behave.
The current currency does not appeal to a number of countries, for example, South Korea, China. So the future is rather vague and not obvious.

Today they say that the crypto currency in today's form can die. It's clear that the technology of blocking, on which crypto-currencies are based, has a future in various fields, including trade and banking.


It can not be faked, and it is not necessary, it can be created. In fact, the crypto currency, it's very complicated and not any code.


The same as mining, only not a coin is created, but blocks.