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BTC — Bitcoin

Piracy payment system.
That is, it is a payment system from user to user, bypassing the bank or any intermediary.
Great! You do not need to deduct interest. But there is nobody to ask. A bit like the black market.

More than $1 million daily turnover.
40 000 transactions daily.
The total cost of bitcoins is more than $300 million.
Transactions are cheap,
Transactions are irreversible.


You can buy something for bitcoins, and the number of stores hosting bitcoins grows.
You can sell something - that is, start taking bitcoins. But if you earn bitcoins, they still need to be spent only where they are accepted.
You can transfer bitcoins to regular money through trading platforms or exchangers.


Today the course took off due to overheating through the press. What will tomorrow nobody knows. Maybe the growth will continue, there may be a recession, and maybe a bubble and burst.
Nobody knows what could be with something that never happened. Someone thinks bitcoin is a private currency, and some do not consider money.
There is no one who could stand behind this money and then guarantee something. In fact, the creator is a Japanese whose name is unknown.
But on coins, there was always a seal of the king, which guaranteed the accuracy of the weight of silver.
There is no guarantor in bitcoin.


Investigations have been conducted and most online stores receiving bitcoats pass on information to third parties, and many allow third-party scripts to access the user's Bitcoin addresses.

Bitcoins on the map

Global database on Bitcoin reception sites.
We can find the nearest ATM, bar, shop or night club hosting Bitcoin!

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Bestchange — Bitcoin exchange

The site contains information on exchange offices that change Bitcoin into rubles, euros, Paypal and many other purses and currency.

Let's say we choose Paypal and get a list of dozens of exchange pips with the exchange rate. We select the most convenient course, reserve and check reliability, in any case I would check.