Where to buy cryptovite?

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Where to buy cryptovite?

Determine the crypt currency

There are many new ones that promise to be better and more profitable, and in fact most are forks of Bitcoin, in fact copies. How long they will live is not known, and the area of action is still very limited. They are created waiting for the growth of the course, like Bitcoin with the desire to get rich on the empty space. But it becomes more and more difficult to find investors for any new cryptovite, so such growth is not to be expected. Personally, I would choose between Botcoin and Etherium. Botcoin is more promoted, Etherium has many advantages and is more promising.


You need somewhere to store your crypt (private keys to tokens or coins), translate ...

Bitcoin wallet. Protection by email and SMS.

Protection is mandatory. myEtherWallet - Wallet for Ethereum.


Universal key generator

In general, it is the online wallets you need, only if you are going to frequently enter or withdraw funds (many options are described here). You can simply store the cryptovite on USB sticks, and even right on paper. These wallets are called "cold" wallets, and in them you will write just two keys to the crypt currency - one public, i.e. your address to refill, another private, i.e. the one with which you can send coins to someone.

The private key is the most important, it usually looks like this:


The public key, i.e. the address of a purse, looks like this (usually it has a little less characters):


This sequence of letters and numbers is generated randomly, it cannot be repeated. To create a key pair it is better to use the popular trusted service WalletGenerator.net. Move the mouse a bit and the keys will be generated automatically. Then you can manually tie them to any wallets or just save them and not tie them at all. Please note: the currency for which you generated the key pair should be selected in the drop-down menu at the top right, opposite the Wallet Generator service logo.

Choose where to buy

. Now that we've prepared the wallet to which we'll transfer the new coins, it's time to buy. Become the owner of kryptovalyuta can be two ways: namaynite it or just buy from another person. The first option does not suit us - too long. Buying from another person - in fact, the usual exchange from hand to hand. There are no charms of decentralization here, just the opposite - the ways of buying differ in what intermediary you turn to. Names and terms of services are different, but the essence of the third hands does not change.

The most available way is exchangers

. The BestChange service is the most popular platform for exchanging different currencies in the CIS. The site has a long table of two columns on the left. In "Give" you choose the currency you have, and in "Get" - the one you are going to buy. Among the available currency pairs, for example, bitcoins for ЮMoney or air from the account Alfa-Click, through Qiwi, for cash rubles and other. The number of variations is really huge, you can exchange anything. After selecting a currency pair in the grey table, a list of exchangers will appear on the right, sorted by the lowest rate.

An example of an operation through one of the exchangers with BestChange can be seen in this clip.

On the site of any of the selected exchangers you specify the desired amount of the crypt currency, and then your block address or public (!) wallet key (ways to generate or register them - in the previous section). Suppose you change Qiwi-rubles to bitcoins. Then the principle is simple: you transfer rubles from one account Qiwi to another account Qiwi. On the opposite side of the exchanger sits the same person who changes the currency in the opposite direction. That is, the bitcoin seller sends several coins from his block address to yours at the same time. The exchanger company itself is a third party, i.e. a guarantor who blocks the amount in crypt currency until your payment passes, so that the operation could not be played in one direction. As a rule, exchangers have their own reserve in the form of an amount in different currencies, so that the flow of requests is not slowed down.

The most important thing is to choose the exchanger that has the least negative responses (it's better that there are no negative responses at all) - this can be checked in the grey table at BestChange, in the extreme column on the right. Exchange rates are always higher than what you see in the news - this is how exchange companies earn. Sometimes there may be additional commission, and exchangers differ in minimum amounts. Alternative BestChange only for bitcoins can be a site LocalBitcoins. It is important to know that the owners of exchangers often run away with money - they take both the entire reserve and the amounts from large exchange requests; the old sites are replaced by new ones. This way of buying cryptovolta not too reliable, but flexible and affordable.

The fastest way is telegram bots

. Several bots in the Telegram messenger allow exchange operations - the essence of the exchanger does not change, but the interface may seem more familiar.

The most famous telegram bot for bitcoin is BTC Banker. You simply subscribe to the channel by pressing "Join" and then confirm the "User Agreement". After that the bot will create the wallet automatically by binding it to your phone number (your Telegram account is registered on it).
The bot allows you to replenish your wallet by buying bitcoins from your Alfa Bank, Tinkoff Bank, Sberbank and Qiwi.

The most advantageous way - crypt currency exchanges

. The most advantageous buying and selling rates for cryptovalues can be found on the stock exchanges. In fact, these are the same sites for exchange, that is, an intermediary that only allows you to trade very quickly, so that traders and brokers can make money from the rate hikes. Listing of the largest exchanges by daily trading volume can see on the same CoinMarketCap.
. Exchanges differ in terms of which currency pairs are available for trading, which exchange fees for internal operations, as well as for deposit and withdrawal of funds to the exchange.
Comparison of 35 different exchanges, actual as of October 2017, can be read, for example, here.
Experienced traders also look at the history of the site - whether it was hacked or threatened with bankruptcy.

The most popular exchange in CIS is Ukrainian EXMO. You can enter dollars, euros, rubles or hryvnias on it, and then exchange them for the crypt currency. Daily turnover of EXMO is about 200 million dollars. E-mail is also required for registration. After successful authorization, you should see this trading screen:

. Your personal account on the EXMO exchange is virtual.
That is, even if you exchange, for example, rubles for air (through the "Exchange" tab) - it does not mean that you get the private keys to your cryptographic currency. Printing the cryptovalue to your wallet ("hot" or "cold") is a separate operation, and a commission is charged for it too.
In addition, a minimum of 0.01 BTC can be withdrawn from EXMO - now it is about 10 thousand rubles. For many operations with the crypt currency exchange requires additional identity checks. You will receive the status "verified" only if you fill out a form with passport data and residence permit. Verify users manually exchanger administrators, so the procedure may take time.

After verification, a personal account can be replenished from a regular bank card - for example, to send dollars or rubles to the exchange, and then exchanged for crypt currency already inside the exchange.

One more way of depositing your personal account is through electronic payment systems. Exchanges conclude partnerships directly with some of them so that the transfer can be made instantly (but with commissions), for example with Payeer or OkPay. You don't need verification then, but you still have to register - already in the payment system itself. The largest in the world now is the Chinese crypt currency exchange Binance, its daily turnover is estimated at 6 billion dollars. More than 200 crypt currency pairs are available for trading on it, but you cannot enter ordinary money into the exchange - your account on it is calculated only in crypt currency. In addition, in December, registration of new users was temporarily closed. A detailed overview of all Binance functionalities can be found here.

Another noteworthy exchange is the South Korean Yobit - the leader in the number of crypt currency pairs available for exchange (3 925). In leaders in terms of trading volume, it does not come out because of negative reviews - too many messages about freezing accounts, blocking accounts and ignoring technical support. In addition, the withdrawal fee (if you have exchanged the crypt currency back for dollars or rubles) is now 7%. But this figure is constantly changing - you can track the actual commission through special telegram bot.

. The main thing is not to keep money on the stock exchanges, it's dangerous! You can actively trade during the day or make only one exchange transaction - in the evening it is still worth taking the crypt currency to a "hot" or "cold" wallet. If something is not clear - go back to the 2nd section of the instruction.