How not to lose information

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How not to lose information

1-st rule of work to computer - make copies !!!

The best way is automation.

Nothing is forever

You need to know certain facts:
  1. Servers break
    If you are storing something on the Internet, ex. Mail, photos, files in the cloud .... It is stored to the computer (with the installed Server program), just far from home. And computers once break, and if you miss the moment, you can lose everything.
    So we do not rely on the infallibility of supercompanies like Yandex, Google, VK, Facebook ... and WE DO COPIES.

  2. Service may cease to exist
    Many blogosphere (ex. Blogs@Mail.Ru, have closed, it seemed to be forever eternal NAROD.RU.
    Someone from the heart wrote in his blog, but suddenly there was no blog and everything was lost, someone was building a website? Structured, collected information in NAROD.RU, and it did not become.
    see. Closed sites

  3. Hosted on the network can be made available to everyone

  4. When loading, the file may break down
    A small network download crash may introduce an error and the file will be corrupted.

  5. Hard disks break
    All has its wear and tear. Today, people often change computers, phones, and do not want to pay extra, because the technique does not last long. In one day your hard drive can become dead. In most cases, it will be possible to recover from it information for individual money, but not always. Well, the one who will restore your information, will get access to it.

    Save valuable information


    We set up mail in 2 places and put automation.
    My relative suddenly stopped accessing the mail, but since I created another one and redirected to not, he had all the incoming mail in a new location and he did not lose anything.
    In any case, you need to have an account on Yandex and Google. Mail@ru is also good mail.


    It's always good to keep photos to the computer. Copies can be kept for example on Yandex. There you can keep them unlimited number, structure by folders, bind to the map, and most importantly - without compression, in the original size. On social networks photos are stored in a compressed form (with loss of quality).

    Address book

    Everything is simple. Probably everyone has felt the difference by going from mobile phone to smartphone. I entered your mail account and all the addresses in your phone.


    You can create 2 mails and set up a redirection, and if you forgot your password (which is normal, if you do not use mail regularly), what's the use.
    We store passwords in the password manager.
    How to save passwords? - The Cloud.


    There are textual information that we would like to keep. She is important to us, but not secret.
    These are not passwords, not databases, which I have collected for so long and would not like to share free ...
    It's just my information, which no one else is interested in.

    Evernote is a service where you can store text information first of all. It works simply: for example, it is more convenient for us to collect textual information via the browser. Log into your account and do it.
    Then we put the Evernote application on a smartphone, we log into the account and get access to all records.
    An internet connection is required only for updating records. Then you can use them offline.
    Next, we can add entries, delete, edit through a browser or smartphone and they change everywhere.
    They will be in your account and on your smartphone.


    If we do not want to lose files, then it's best to use cloud storage.
    We start cloud storage, download the application to computer, specify the folder and everything. Now everything in the folder will always be copied to the server on the Internet.
    The computer was off, you lost everything. - Buy a new one, put the application of our Cloud, specify the folder and load all our files there.


    Now, probably any browser suggests entering the account, do not ignore it. So your bookmarks, applications, passwords, settings will become attached to it ...
    All has flown down, we download anew, we put the browser, we enter into the account and we get the usual browser with all the bookmarks, settings.