We change the rules of the game

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We change the rules of the game

There are sites that have changed the rules of the game.
It's not about the good behavior of sites.

Good Changes

  1. Google Mail has increased the size of the box,
  2. hosting increased the site for the same money,
  3. Hosting reduced the cost of the tariff.
All such changes do not change the rules of the game and do not affect us in any way, except positively.

Rules of the game

  1. Do not reduce - for example, if you have received an additional seat on the cloud or by mail, it should remain (unless it was agreed in advance about the temporary increase of the tariff, ex. For year free)
  2. Mail.ru's good policy - all the basic services are free.


Of course, there is once a price increase, for example, if the base price is in currency. This is predictable and understandable. Or, say, the cost of domains has risen, these are global things.

There are still hidden surprises. For example, the domain costs 50 rubles, and then and free.

Well, in case you take hosting from them. At me such was. Given the domain free, it is true that next year you need to pay support, and this is twice as expensive as in other places. Hosting Agava is so smart.
Clearly, I quickly fell from there.

Game rules changed

OneDrive from Microsoft gave an unlimited space for paid subscription, and when the people got it, it turned out that now they changed their mind and the place will be 5 GB instead of 15 GB.
I had 25 GB of shares, now 5 GB.
A new 50 GB plan replaces the old paid plans for 100 and 200 GB.
And forget about the unlimited.
And someone connected, uses, plans, and then bummer.

Cloud.com was distributing 1 TB to the first participants, and they had an action, then it was 25 GB. But who took the terabyte, that was left to him.

So it should be.

I do not remember which site, but he offered a one-time fee for perpetual hosting. It is clear that now it is not. Collected the money while they went and changed their mind.