Free and angry

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Free and angry

We are used to that, Yandex, Google, Skype, social networks ... free and how else?

Negative consequences of free

Free is good. I love free, it's much better than cheap, even than very very cheap. Cheap is a concern not to forget to pay. So many small payments today and their absence is simply convenient.

There are in free benefits, there are and inconveniences.

Disadvantages of the free

Free is not a guarantee of a decent service, but on the contrary, you use it at your own risk and risk. You get it for free, an experiment is being conducted on you.
  1. Nobody owes you anything.

  2. Your information is not yours, it belongs to the service. They can include it in the search, use it themselves. Nobody promised you anything. No one can guarantee that your information will not disappear overnight, that no one will get access to your account.

  3. Support services may not be like Google: support - a forum, help each other.

  4. Free can cease to exist.

  5. Well and finally, the service simply can cease to exist, as it has happened more than once.
And of course in one day free can become paid.
Especially, we already have a little, that everything on the Internet (almost everything) is free, it is also necessary to jam and advertise.
It rolled, until it was so crowded, so that soon free can become paid, which is slowly and happening.