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Unused, deleted

Over time, some countries, like changed names, ex. USSR -> Russia, United Kingdom -> United Kingdom. Because and the new domain they have appeared.
Some left old, some of it showed.
And some international domain zones did not go, because they ceased to exist. True there are those that did not go, like. TEL,. NAME, .РФ, but did not cease to exist.
A 2CounrtyUnused
.bvBouvet IslandBouvet Island is uninhabited.
.gbUnited KingdomOriginally selected according to the letter code Great Britain (according to ISO-3166-1) was subsequently replaced with .uk.
.sjSpitsbergen and Jan Mayen.Not used, because these islands are part of Norway, but still present in the list of root domains.

A 2CounrtyDeleted
.yuYugoslaviaThe transfer of .yu servers to the new .rs zone, owned by Serbia, was completed in May 2009. In the .yu zone, about four thousand domains are still registered.
.buBurmaDue to the fact that Burma is now called Myanmar, the domain has been deleted.
.csSerbia and MontenegroOriginally intended for Czechoslovakia, the domain was withdrawn after it disintegrated. Prior to 2006, the cs code in ISO-3166-1 was allocated for Serbia and Montenegro, but it used the .yu domain. After the breakup of Serbia and Montenegro into independent states, the me and rs codes are reserved for ISO-3166-1 in newly-established countries, and the IANA has reserved the corresponding domains .me and .rs.
.ddGDRIn connection with the unification of Germany, the domain was deleted.
.zrZaireZaire is now called Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A 2 AffiliationDeprecated
.natoNATOToday is not used, at least in the publicly accessible part of the Internet, from where it was deleted in July 1996 AD
.webis allocated by IANA for use by private commercial registrar Image Online DesignIn connection with public protests, the root servers of this domain were not and so were not connected to the common DNS system. Currently, they continue to function, and to the site of the registrar there is a message that he allegedly passes the procedure for registering this domain with ICANN.
.csnetComputer Science Network - University and Science Postal Network in USAStopped used, apparently after the merger of CSNET and BITNET, which occurred in 1988 AD
.ddnDefense Network USA Defense Data NetworkWas scheduled, but not implemented.

A 2Reserved
.examplefor examples
.invalidfor use in apparently invalid domain names
.localhostto avoid conflicts with the traditional use of localhost
.testfor testing
.localdomainUsed to address the current computer on legacy systems that use the .local domain on the local network.

A 2Common pseudo domains
.uucpfor gating to machines available with UUCP
.bitnetto send mail to the BITNET network.
.fidonetto send mail to the Fidonet network. Currently, due to a change in the generally accepted practice of routing between the Internet and Fidonet, instead of this pseudo domain, the .fidonet.org domain is usually used.