Rules and registration .RU .RF

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Rules and registration .RU .RF

There are domain zones belonging to countries (these are all 2-character domain zones) that are open to everyone, for example .TV, .FM, .US, .WS ...

There are domain zones of countries where only organizations officially registered in these countries can register; for example, .UK, .UA, .IL, .JP ...

Citizens of these countries can only buy a third-level domain, for example., etc.

Domain zones .RU and .РФ

Russian domain zones have a closed nature. Here is an excerpt from the law:

Domain name registration services can be provided only:

  1. an individual who is a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  2. a legal entity registered in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  3. a foreign legal entity that has on its territory a separate subdivision accredited in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

That is, in these zones you can register as an adult citizen of the country or an officially registered organization in Russia. The organization can be both Russian and international.

When registering private persons, it will be necessary to enter passport data, registration, telephone ... The data will be checked.

Unavailable names

  1. Reserved Domain Names are domain names for government needs, more often for regions. They do not use them yet, but maybe sometime they will be needed.
  2. stopwords - obscene language, appeals of an inhuman character, insulting human dignity or religious feelings.

Domain disputes

At registration you can choose absolutely any free name, except for the list of unavailable. If an international company does not buy a domain with its name, you can safely take it.


If later this company declared its rights to the domain, it can simply pick it up.
So it was with the domains,

If you registered a domain name before the company registered its trademark, it does not have rights to this domain.
So it was with the domain After years, Google still bought this domain.

If the name you are registering is not a unique company name, like GOOGLE or KODAK, then you can use it and the company or organization can not claim it.
For example, the domain If it was free, we could create a website about apples on it and have the full right to use it (as it was by the way with the domain And our party YABLOKO claimed it. This name is not unique and the first who registered this domain has the right to it.