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The fact is that our country is unstable. Today they can give something, but tomorrow they can take it back. Privatize, and tomorrow deprivatize.

As for domains in the .RU zone. Here is a slightly different matter. We did not do this, but we were delegated under certain conditions. More than once our services and structures have tried to grab this tidbit, but ... there may be problems with the world consortium, and people will simply switch to .COM .NET .ORG .INFO ...

All of the above is somewhat encouraging about the future .RU.

IDN domains

Cyrillic domains in zones ORG, NET, COM.


Redirectors: Register an IDN domain

Cyrillic names in the zone .РФ

Officially launched the first Cyrillic .РФ domain zone.
Well .РУ, so that there is no confusion.
The need for this zone to involve the elderly in the Internet. But and the rest will be easier to look for an official site for Russian writing, instead of guessing, how in Latin they decided to write Ю, Ё, Ж, Щ, Ъ ...

Domains with Russian names

Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Russian-speaking Internet Center" (ANO RCI)

There were domains with Russian names in zones .РУ .РФ .КОМ .НЕТ .ОРГ, however, to work with them the program iClient was necessary, which could be downloaded for free from iClient, it worked only with Internet Explorer 4.0 and above.
Thousands of domains have been registered.

Here are some of them

Registration of Russian-language domains is done at, partners of the accredited registrar - the company "Ragtime."

But this utility is suitable for a few.
First, you are tied to the most unfortunate browser.
Although many still use it, since it already is a part of Windows, why should one look for something else.
Secondly, you are limited to the Internet, that is, such sites are not exactly visited by foreigners who know nothing about the Cyrillic alphabet.
I think people buy names, hoping for something better than this utility.

European languages

Since 2003, in the domain SE (Sweden) you can register domain names that include 42 letters of the Swedish alphabet, ex. Å, ä, ö, ü and é. Today in the domain of SE there are more than 70 thousand similar domain names.

And the Swedes are not the only ones and not the first. Domains with special characters (specific letters of their alphabets) can be registered for example in Denmark.

In Finland, you can register a domain with the symbols of the Sami alphabet.
Also China.