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Where to read and watch the news

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Press Service Channel of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

Valery Tsepkalo

One of the heads of the election headquarters of Alexander Lukashenko at the presidential elections of 1994, then First Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus.

On May 8, 2020 he announced his candidacy for the presidential elections in Belarus.
On July 14, 2020 he was denied registration as a candidate on the grounds that only 75 thousand of the 160 thousand signature sheets submitted for the Cepkalo were considered valid.

Later Valery Tsepkalo was accused of taking a bribe; he was put on the wanted list in Belarus and Russia.
Then he was forced to stay temporarily in Ukraine.


Social news portal.

Registration on the site is free. Each registered member of SMI2.ru has the opportunity to publish news announcements and evaluate publications of other authors participating in the general rating.
The news gets the main page that has gained a sufficient rating. The algorithm for calculating the rating is not disclosed.

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reliable site

email: support@yarus.ru
address: Russia


A social network that brings together news, music, events, videos, stories on one site and allows the user to customize the application to suit their interests.
Without advertising.


The news selection recommendation system reflects preferences unique to each user.
Without the influence of promotion factors from news agencies and annoying banners.
When you first launch the application, you can specify your region and topics of interest.
All news on the selected topics will be displayed in the Interests tab.
In the future, interests can be changed by clicking on the gear on the main screen of the application.
And in the Trends and Featured tabs, you can get acquainted with the current news agenda.


About 300 thousand tracks.
Playlists and tracklist are constantly updated.


A poster of options for spending free time with children, family, friends - both paid and free.More than 1000 cities of Russia.

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Belarusian partisan

The site was created by independent journalists of Belarus at the moment when the Belarusian authorities blocked almost all independent newspapers.
The site implements the right of Belarusians to receive independent information.
It is not a propaganda resource. The site does not support a single political force or party, but gives everyone the opportunity to speak out.
The aim is to tell people about the events taking place in Belarus as accurately and fully as possible.

Taking into account the persecution of independent journalists in Belarus, about which the European Union expressed its protest, and for the safety of the authors, a significant part of the articles goes without authors' signature.

You can leave your comments on the site using your Facebook profile.
Comments that contradict the current legislation are removed by the moderator.


The most popular telegram channel in Belarus.
Stepan Aleksandrovich Putilo, born in 1998, is a Belarusian living in Poland.

Stepan created Telegram channel, which by the will of fate has become a center of information protest in Belarus.
The reason is that Telegram channels cannot be blocked.

Practically all the information that cannot be processed flows to it.
At present, video information is processed, viewed and checked, fakes are deleted, and the rest is published.

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Russian - Englesh

reliable site

email: info@currenttime.tv
address: Czech, Prague

Current Time TV

Independent news TV created by RFE/RL with participation of Voice of America.

The goal is to promote democratic values and institutions, as well as human rights, providing audiences with what local media cannot always provide: uncensored news, responsible exchange, open discussion of issues.

The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day in Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, as well as in other regions.

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News of Belarus and the world.

Leading portal of Belarus.
Among other things (mail, hosting, poster ...) the site has independent news.

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RBC TV channel

The leading Russian TV channel of business topics.
It will be interesting not only for specialists. Complicated things are explained by simple language.
The channel raises the themes of economics and business.

Almost every hour it issues news, ordinary news, not economic news.
In one year it was voted the best news channel in Europe.

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Deutsche Welle - German wave in Russian.

Here is a European point of view on events that is different from both the Russian and the American.
In my opinion, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

I generally try to avoid analytics, prefer bare facts.
Each side tries to keep silent about uncomfortable facts.
Here I could see what is silent in Russia.

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Smart life style magazine.
Mission - to create a platform for active people who are interested in the world and think critically - lifestyle.
A progressive person's life style is not only fashion, soap operas and bars (although without them it would be more boring!).
They are education, national identity, financial literacy, non-discrimination and even political views.

The Village

City website about cultural and social life, entertainment, services, food and people in Minsk.

They write about a comfortable city, broadly interpreting this concept: the convenience of living in a metropolis depends both on global urban planning initiatives and the number of places where you can drink good coffee.
Therefore, on the pages of The Village, interviews with officials are next to reviews of cafes or bars.

Any registered user can participate in the formation of materials, along with the editorial office.