Lukashenko got out of control

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Lukashenko got out of control

His actions are chaotic, this is probably how only Saakashvili behaved when he chewed his tie.

With the elections, everything is clear. Everyone cheats at the elections, but not as clumsily.
Did not let the observers in, banned the Exitpol and wrote himself 80%.
What Zhirinovsky told him - well, the fool drew 80% of himself, at least 52%.
Can you imagine such forgery? He has a 20% vote, he writes 80% and nobody noticed.
Yeah, well, the roof's gone.

That Russia destabilizes the situation in Belarus - special unit "33 Bogatyrs" was arrested.
That destabilizes the situation in the West (the list of countries is constantly changing) - troops have been sent to the border and are on full alert.
Then it turns out that it was all made by the Americans, well, where without them.

It is clear that Lukashenko is in control of the situation and he knows it all for sure.

His palace was surrounded by barbed wire, brought an incredible number of riot policemen (his personal Gestapo), and he cowardly flew away in a helicopter in a flak jacket and with a gun.
He returned by flying around the square and making sure that everyone was gone.
How often do we see this kind of behavior of country leaders?

Lukashenko with machine

Lukashenko surrounded the palace with barbed wire

Lithuania was waiting for a tailwind and launched several balloons with the flag of free Belarus on the territory of Belarus.
For which Lithuania received a note of protest, and the valiant air defense of Belarus destroyed them.
Unbelievable, these are the military operations.

Free Belarus flag balloons

. Lukashenko ordered to fire all teachers who participated in peaceful rallies.
Also ordered all the striking factories to close and hire other workers.
Usually, the one who lost the election leaves, and here those who "voted wrong" should leave.
To the country!

Putin is a friend

  1. A group of 33 people from Russia was arrested without any evidence.
    They were simply held in custody for over a week, tortured and beaten.

  2. Russian journalists were arrested (as well as journalists from other countries).
    Some might think that the opposition and informal press were arrested. But journalists of state mass media were arrested, such as VGTRK and Russia Today.
    They were torn from their accreditation and arrested for lack of it.
    Someone was hit by cameras. At the end, they were beaten up.
    They were released only after the intervention of our Foreign Ministry, having spoiled their passports.

  3. Our other citizens were arrested just because they were in Minsk at that moment.
    There are many of our tourists there. They have been arrested and beaten.

  4. The armed men conducted a search in Yandex's Minsk office. Now the office is closed and employees work remotely.

Lukashenko's attitude towards these crimes

  • Stupidly smiling asks: Well, forgive them. Like someone stepped on my leg in the bus, not committed a crime.
  • Gives them rewards after what happened.
  • Personally greeted and called handsome.