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Everybody needs communication, both the opposition and Lukashenko. And what to do?
At the beginning of the protests, Lukashenko turned off the Internet and mobile communication in order to do dark things and so that no one would know.
OMON beat up ordinary passers-by in the streets, took them to the prison, and continued to bully them.

It turned out that the whole world found out and saw it anyway.
And it will not be possible to turn off the Internet, because the plastic cards stop working and suddenly the whole country needs cash. This is very bad for the country's economy.

Then we decided to block certain sites and resources, for example WhatsApp.
But it did not work to block Telegram Messenger.
This messenger is tied to a single server and it is simply impossible to block it. By the way, Russia has tried to block it for several years, to no avail.
Telegram channels have become a platform for the opposition.

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Press Service Channel of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

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Cyber Partisan

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The decision to create a digital resistance front is taken.

Alliance of hackers and IT developers to carry out remote attacks on administrative resources of Belarus (sites, media accounts and social networks), which are harmful to society.
Publish pro-governmental propaganda, carry out their work contrary to the opinion of the majority of honest people.
Coverage and advertise information that does not correspond to reality, thus misleading the people of Belarus and wasting the state budget. Our taxes, peaceful citizens, with the opposite civil position, are leaving, sponsoring Lukashenko's regime.
This must be stopped!
This is why we appeal to the owners of media resources and telegram channels:
Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia - we call for information support.

We want to create an anonymous network to solve important problems, to form daily tasks and determine the rewards for them in order to achieve results.
Step-step increasing the territorial coverage and number of useful actions, involving more countries and specialists in our movement.


The most popular telegram channel in Belarus.
Stepan Aleksandrovich Putilo, born in 1998, is a Belarusian living in Poland.

Stepan created Telegram channel, which by the will of fate has become a center of information protest in Belarus.
The reason is that Telegram channels cannot be blocked.

Practically all the information that cannot be processed flows to it.
At present, video information is processed, viewed and checked, fakes are deleted, and the rest is published.

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