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Audio Bible online in Russian


reliable site

Owner: Bible Quote
address: Russia

Perhaps the most high-quality Christian portal in every respect: design, content, support ...
The site of Christian resources, Christian chats, forums, free programs, music and songs, news and much more.


reliable site

Owner: Bible online

address: Russia

Audio Bible online

Very simple Bible and audio Bible online.
The Bible is read by artists. In my opinion, not the best option.
On the site you can
  1. free listen to the Bible in audio format (MP3),
  2. take the code with the player on the site,
  3. download a specific file.

The Bible application VK also allows you to listen to the Bible.

First enter the title of the book or select From the list, then you can select a specific chapter. After selecting a chapter, you can save the file to disk.

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reliable site
address: Russia


Bible Online in Web 2.0.
Easy, simple, intuitive, functional, nothing superfluous, just take time and use.
  • Bible search,
  • dictionary,
  • the most popular Bible words,
  • tag tags,
  • Parallel browsing in various translations.
Registering on the site will allow you to group the verses from the Bible into your own categories (tags).

With convenient navigation and color coding, you can quickly and easily find your favorite Scriptures.

The site is made for Russians, because the website contains the best translations of the complete Bible into Russian.
The Bible is simple. The style is simple, light, full-screen, large, easy to read. Personally, I really like it.
  1. Synodal is our standard,
  2. New Russian Translation - the best modern translation,
  3. Translation of the Biblical League is one of the best modern translations, a lighter Russian,
  4. Translation in Zaoksky, Kulakov - perhaps the most qualitative of the denominational translations (Adventists)
There are translations of the New Testament and a couple of translations into Belarusian.

It is better to open the Bible reading, not audio. Simply if you open an audio Bible, you will not see the text, if you open the text, then the player with an audio Bible will be present on the page for this chapter.

There are comments ...

Interpretation of the Bible

  1. The New Genève Study Bible
  2. MacArthur Study Bible
  3. McDonald's comments on the Bible
  4. Interpretation by Matthew Henry
  5. Lopukhin's Explicit Bible
  6. Interpretation of the Dallas Seminary

Comments of the New Testament

  1. Barkley Comments
  2. Zlatoust's Interpretation
  3. The Interpretation of Jean Calvin
  4. MacArthur's comment series
  5. Interpretation of Blessed Theophylact of Bulgaria
There are Bible reading plans. You can open for today or see the whole plan. It is convenient to read and listen.

Parallel reading of two translations

It also looks pretty simple, stylish and convenient.

You can look at the verse at once in all translations, however there is a filter and you can choose which translations to look at.

There is also an opportunity to look at the verse in the original language and in Russian with Strong's numbers.

Russian - Englesh

reliable site

address: USA


The project is a multi-site church - Online Bible.
Below click on English - Choose a language, Russian is present.
There are Russian Bible translations: the Synodal (there is the Audio Bible), the Word of Life, the Cassian translation, the Zhuromsky translation, the Eastern translation ...
There are dozens of Bible reading plans.

Connect with the version on the mobile ...

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The site has the text and audio version of the New Bible translation from the International Bible Society. Only 96 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish ... You can share the verse via Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS or copy.
Bookmarks, notes, the Bible for the year, the parable of the day. In other words, a very functional and practical Bible.

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Media Library of the Orthodox portal.

Audio Versions of Bible Translations

  • Psalms of David to the verses of Taras Shevchenko
  • New Testament. Translation ed. bp Cassian (Bezobrazov)
  • Russian translation of the Old Testament (P. Jüngerov)
  • Gospel. Book of Job. Psalms. (S.S. Averintsev)
  • Old Testament in modern Russian translation (RBR)
  • The Bible in modern Russian translation, ed. M.P. Kulakov
  • Synodal translation. Bible. Reads Alexander Bondarenko.
  • Psalms in Church Slavonic.
  • Modern Russian translation of the New Testament "Good News"
  • Bashlanmish (The Book of Genesis in Bashkir)
  • Raidian (Genesis in Ossetian)
  • Ekhineh Ekhin (Book of Genesis in the Buryat language)
  • Ayylly (Book of Genesis in the Yakut language)
In addition to the text of the Bible, the site has a lot of media material:
Orthodoxy in MP3, archive of Orthodox chants, video archive.

Personally, I am interested in the “New Testament Seminars” by the author of the New Testament “Joyful News”.

You can not only listen to the audio material, but also download it.

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reliable site

Owner: RBS
address: Russia

OK, Bible

The site is made simply, stylishly, not very much, but for easy use it is quite enough and not difficult.
Only two Bible translations, both BBS: the synodal Bible and the Modern translation.
You can read or listen in good quality.
The impression is very pleasant.
Jesus' words are highlighted in red.

Faith alphabet

The Bible in Church Slavonic, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, English and other languages.
To study it is not necessary, all menu at once on the screen.
The main thing - it is possible to add parallel transfers, though all at once.
It is possible also easily to disconnect. There is an Old Slavonic text with accents.