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  1. - הברית החדשה - New Testament in Hebrew online.

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Owner: Bible online

address: Russia

Bible Online

You can read or listen.
Simple, easy and convenient search, you can use the advanced search.


  • Russian Synodal Translation
  • Translation of the Ep. Cassian
  • Translation of the Holy. Leonid Lutkovsky
  • Translation of the RBO. The joyful news
The Belarus Belarussian translation Українська Український переклад І. English King James Version
Deutsch Deutsche Luther

Translations are constantly supplemented, there were Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish, Greek, French, Romanian, Spanish, Italian.

Bible Formats

basic online, a version with bare text, very easy, audio Bible, version, for mobile.


The Bible VK

iTunes Android

Russian - Englesh

reliable site

address: Russia

The Bible is online.
There are 4 languages, but only Russian is active and therefore only one version of the Bible.
Interesting visual design, the ability to add notes, read other people's notes on a particular place in the Bible.



reliable site
address: Russia


Bible Online in Web 2.0.
Easy, simple, intuitive, functional, nothing superfluous, just take time and use.
  • Bible search,
  • dictionary,
  • the most popular Bible words,
  • tag tags,
  • Parallel browsing in various translations.
Registering on the site will allow you to group the verses from the Bible into your own categories (tags).

With convenient navigation and color coding, you can quickly and easily find your favorite Scriptures.


Bible and interpretation online.
  1. Synodal translation
  2. Church Slavonic translation
  3. Church Slavonic (transliteration)
  4. Modern Joyful News 2004 2004
  5. Modern RBD 2011
  6. Translation by S.S. Averintsev
  7. Translation of Bishop Cassian (Bezobrazov)
  8. Translation of prof. P.A. Yungerova
  9. Translation A.S. Desnitsky
  10. Ukrainian Pole І. Ogienna
  11. "English version New King James Version
  12. Latina Vulgata
  13. Subscript translation from the Greek by A. Vinokurov
  14. Ελλληνική (Septuagint)
  15. Belarusian Peracle V. Syomuhi
  16. New Russian Translation (Biblica)
About 200,000 interpretations and studies for each verse of Scripture.
Audio Bible.
Map binding.

One person decided to collect all the Orthodox interpretations of the Holy Scriptures in one place, breaking them down according to the verses that these interpretations explain.

Now this is a large team of like-minded people who daily work to make our portal the largest online Bible, the largest collection of Orthodox interpretations and Bible studies, and the most convenient tool for studying the Word of God.

Video lectures are recorded daily for each chapter of the Bible, as well as for individual verses and the most important Scriptures.

NET Bible Study Environment

A site with a new English Bible translation of the NET Bible and a parallel window with interpretations of open Bible sites. The whole Bible can be read with a scroll, nothing else is needed to open.

Russian - Englesh

reliable site
address: Russia

Bible Center

The Bible and the commentaries. The translation of the Bible into Russian was carried out by the St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan and Kiev theological academies from 1856 to 1876.

The translation was based on the Russian text of the New Testament, the Psalter and the Pentateuch, which appeared As a result of the work of the Russian Bible Society in 1816-1826. The final version was carried out by the Holy Synod and personally Metropolitan of Moscow Philaret (Drozdov). The full text of the translation was published in 1876.

The Synodal translation is the main text of the Bible for all Christians of Russia.


Russian - Englesh

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address: USA


The project is a multi-site church - Online Bible.
Below click on English - Choose a language, Russian is present.
There are Russian Bible translations: the Synodal (there is the Audio Bible), the Word of Life, the Cassian translation, the Zhuromsky translation, the Eastern translation ...
There are dozens of Bible reading plans.

Connect with the version on the mobile ...

iTunes Android Kindlefire


reliable site
address: USA

Bible Search

A quality website for working with the Bible, the possibility of 2 parallel windows, creating notes, tags, share a place.
The main drawback is a very small base of versions of the Bible - only basic translations and only in English.

Supported Bible Versions

  1. AMP - Amplified Bible
  2. ASV - American Standard Version
  3. CEV - Contemporary English Version
  4. CEVD - Contemporary English Version (US Version)
  5. ESV - English Standard Version
  6. FBV - Free Bible Version
  7. GNTD - Good News Translation (US Version)
  8. KJVA - King James Version with Apocrypha, American Edition
  9. MSG - The Message
  10. NABRE - New American Bible, Revised Edition
  11. NASB - New American Standard Bible
  12. NIV - New International Version
  13. NLT - New Living Translation
  14. NRSV - New Revised Standard Version
  15. RSV - Revised Standard Version
  16. T4T - Translation for Translators
  17. WEB - World English Bible
  18. WMB - World Messianic Bible
  19. WMBBE - World Messianic Bible British Edition


Bible online, many translations, including 2 in Russian: synodal and new translation from the International Bible Society.
The interface of the site is Russian.
The Bible is clear, simple - the text is on the whole screen. Thus, space is used more efficiently.


  1. Registration allows you to select the main translation, for example, the Synodal.
  2. Include other translations that you wish to avoid 30 translations, and of which you need 3.
  3. Text Design - each verse from a new line or paragraph.

The site is made for Russians, because the website contains the best translations of the complete Bible into Russian.
The Bible is simple. The style is simple, light, full-screen, large, easy to read. Personally, I really like it.
  1. Synodal is our standard,
  2. New Russian Translation - the best modern translation,
  3. Translation of the Biblical League is one of the best modern translations, a lighter Russian,
  4. Translation in Zaoksky, Kulakov - perhaps the most qualitative of the denominational translations (Adventists)
There are translations of the New Testament and a couple of translations into Belarusian.

It is better to open the Bible reading, not audio. Simply if you open an audio Bible, you will not see the text, if you open the text, then the player with an audio Bible will be present on the page for this chapter.

There are comments ...

Interpretation of the Bible

  1. The New Genève Study Bible
  2. MacArthur Study Bible
  3. McDonald's comments on the Bible
  4. Interpretation by Matthew Henry
  5. Lopukhin's Explicit Bible
  6. Interpretation of the Dallas Seminary

Comments of the New Testament

  1. Barkley Comments
  2. Zlatoust's Interpretation
  3. The Interpretation of Jean Calvin
  4. MacArthur's comment series
  5. Interpretation of Blessed Theophylact of Bulgaria
There are Bible reading plans. You can open for today or see the whole plan. It is convenient to read and listen.

Parallel reading of two translations

It also looks pretty simple, stylish and convenient.

You can look at the verse at once in all translations, however there is a filter and you can choose which translations to look at.

There is also an opportunity to look at the verse in the original language and in Russian with Strong's numbers.


reliable site

Owner: RBS
address: Russia, Moscow

OK, Bible

The site is made simply, stylishly, not very much, but for easy use it is quite enough and not difficult.
Only two Bible translations, both BBS: the synodal Bible and the Modern translation.
You can read or listen in good quality.
The impression is very pleasant.
Jesus' words are highlighted in red.


reliable site
address: USA, Pittsburgh


Interactive online Bible.
A veteran of the Christian Internet. It's not just the Bible online, but the Bible with explanations, it's structured thematically.


Institute for Bible Translation

An organization that translates the Bible into the languages of small nations. A huge number of translations have been made, many translations in the process, but the translated part of the Scripture can now be downloaded from the site in PDF, for a mobile phone, as a module for its own program.
There is a version online.
All versions of translations go with the notations, a number with small dictionaries - glossaries.

All translations are freely and openly distributed.

IPB works in cooperation and under the scientific and methodological guidance of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The activities of the IPB are held with the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia in cooperation with the Patriarchal Synodal Bible Commission (PSBK).

Types of publications

  • The Bible and its parts;
  • Biblical stories for children with color illustrations;
  • auxiliary and analytical literature in the field of biblical studies.

Principles. Partners.

The principles and procedures for translation correspond to the requirements of the International Forum of Bible Organizations (FBAI), of which the IBA is a member. The IBI works in partnership with two of the largest international organizations involved in the translation of the Bible - SIL and United Bible Societies (UBS), as well as in a number of projects with national Bible societies and the Pioneer Bible Tranlators (PBT).


The IPB is working on translating the Bible and its parts into the languages ​​of 65 non-Slavic peoples of Russia and other CIS countries. The Institute unites dozens of linguists, philologists and biblical scholars - specialists of various national and confessional affiliation from all CIS countries. Texts of translations undergo various stages of checks and editing, and are also tested by native speakers.


Due to the specific nature of its activities, the IBP, unlike other scientific institutions, does not have ready scientific personnel to perform the basic function of translating the Bible into the languages ​​of the peoples of the CIS countries. One of the forms of the Institute's work is the organization of seminars for Bible translators and editors for the purpose of their education, counseling and exchange of scientific experience.

Scientific work

The IPB organizes and conducts international conferences, colloquiums and meetings on the subject of its activities, which results in the publication of proceedings; Prepares methodological guides for translators; Publishes an auxiliary and analytical literature on biblical studies.


IPB is a publishing house and produces pre-press preparation of texts of translations, illustrations, geographic maps; The design of covers, carries out communication with printing houses.


IPA carries out charity projects for the distribution of publications, which includes planning and coordinating the circulation of Bible translations, organizing the delivery and storage of finished publications; Communication with distributors and readers.

Information development

IPI conducts presentations of its publications, regularly publishes articles, press releases in the media and in the news section of the website, publishes the newsletter "News of Bible Translation," places translations in PDF format on the web- Website, etc.


reliable site

Owner: Bible Quote
address: Russia

Bible Online by

The site of the author of the most popular computer Bible, the program Bible Quote.
Simple navigation, parallel translations in NIV, KJV, NKJV, NASB. You can read or listen.

Bible Online by

inScript Bible Browser

A large number of Bible translations - about 800 Bible translations into hundreds of languages ​​and adverbs.
However, if there are more than 30 English translations, there are only 5 in Spanish, and the overwhelming majority of languages ​​are represented by only one translation. Let's say Russian is represented only by the Synodal Translation.

Parallel selection of the text, say, select the text of the Greek version and see also the selection

Strong's dictionary - click on the word and see the translation. Only English translations work and not all.

Harmony of the Gospels - a list of gospel stories appears in a separate column with links to the places where they are described. If you click on the name of the story, then this story will be revealed in all the Gospels, where it is described.

Biblical maps are simply a Google map in a separate column, where all biblical places are marked. Click on the place and get a list of references of the Bible, where this place is mentioned.

Audio Bible - while the function does not work.

inScript Bible Browser

Scripture Study App

There are 3 English versions (KJV, NET, WEB), Spanish RV, also 2 Ancient Greek and Hebrew WLC.