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Online Bible parallel translations

Russian - Englesh

reliable site

address: Russia

The Bible is online.
There are 4 languages, but only Russian is active and therefore only one version of the Bible.
Interesting visual design, the ability to add notes, read other people's notes on a particular place in the Bible.


The site is made for Russians, because the website contains the best translations of the complete Bible into Russian.
The Bible is simple. The style is simple, light, full-screen, large, easy to read. Personally, I really like it.
  1. Synodal is our standard,
  2. New Russian Translation - the best modern translation,
  3. Translation of the Biblical League is one of the best modern translations, a lighter Russian,
  4. Translation in Zaoksky, Kulakov - perhaps the most qualitative of the denominational translations (Adventists)
There are translations of the New Testament and a couple of translations into Belarusian.

It is better to open the Bible reading, not audio. Simply if you open an audio Bible, you will not see the text, if you open the text, then the player with an audio Bible will be present on the page for this chapter.

There are comments ...

Interpretation of the Bible

  1. The New Genève Study Bible
  2. MacArthur Study Bible
  3. McDonald's comments on the Bible
  4. Interpretation by Matthew Henry
  5. Lopukhin's Explicit Bible
  6. Interpretation of the Dallas Seminary

Comments of the New Testament

  1. Barkley Comments
  2. Zlatoust's Interpretation
  3. The Interpretation of Jean Calvin
  4. MacArthur's comment series
  5. Interpretation of Blessed Theophylact of Bulgaria
There are Bible reading plans. You can open for today or see the whole plan. It is convenient to read and listen.

Parallel reading of two translations

It also looks pretty simple, stylish and convenient.

You can look at the verse at once in all translations, however there is a filter and you can choose which translations to look at.

There is also an opportunity to look at the verse in the original language and in Russian with Strong's numbers.


A large number of Bible translations: Arabic, Bulgarian, Russian, Chinese, Albanian, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Swahili, Hebrew, Ukrainian ... There are 47 languages ​​in all.

You can read one translation, change the translation and get To the same place in the Bible, but another translation, language.
For example:

  • NIV (New International Version),
  • ESV (English Standard Version),
  • NKJV (New King James Version),
  • NASB (New American Standard Bible)

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Bible Hub

The most powerful Bible online.
A beautiful, neat site. Usually Internet is laid out simply a database that has earned, and design is not necessary.
  • 166 translations of the Bible, 3 Russian translations, many English ...
  • It's easy to open your translation by clicking the flag of your country.
  • You can see 1 verse in different translations, the interpretation of each word The original language (interpretation in English).
  • If you know English, you have at your disposal a huge library of interpretations.
  • Biblical maps, of fairly good quality, if you do not have enough of this quality, in parallel it is suggested to look at the same place marked on Google Maps.
  • You can watch several translations in parallel: English versions, Scandinavian ...
  • There are page for weight and length measures, also in English.
  • Many beautiful illustrations: drawings and photographs.

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Russian - Englesh

reliable site

address: Czech Republic

SOB (Studijní on-line Bible)

Studying the Bible online.
There is a Russian version of the site.
The site of my friend, a talented programmer from Prague.
A large number of Bible translations, including Russian ones.
And there are translations with Strong's numbers.

SOB (Studijní on-line Bible)

Faith alphabet

The Bible in Church Slavonic, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, English and other languages.
To study it is not necessary, all menu at once on the screen.
The main thing - it is possible to add parallel transfers, though all at once.
It is possible also easily to disconnect. There is an Old Slavonic text with accents.

Russian - Englesh
address: USA

Bible Web App

This Bible has several translations, including Russian, Chinese and the original languages.
The ability to view 2 translations in parallel. By default, the translations are in Greek and English (King James Version). We put one word in one translation and it stands out in the other. Such a link is not in all translations.
You can highlight only verbs or nouns (it's clear in the original) and if you click on the word, the translation is displayed.

If you use the left window, then both windows will be synchronized. If it's right, you can watch it separately.

Bible Web App

The site contains a large number of Bible translations, including Russian and original text with Strong's numbers.
While reading the Bible, you can click the letter P in the blue box near the verse number and you receive several translations of this verse.


The Bible online with a lot of translations from the Topical Bible, can be read in parallel 2.

We go on the proposed link, first choose one translation, then another and use.

Russian - Englesh
address: Canada, Steinbach

Bible - Windows

Parallel texts of the Bible - Greek, 3 Russian, several translations into English and Ukrainian.
And parallel places.
    Meaning and Explanation Translation (V. Zhuromsky, first edition, 2017-2020). Gebrayzed Meaning and Proverbs Translation (V. Zhuromsky, first edition, 2017-2020).
  • Greek NT, Scrivener's 1894 Textus Receptus. Edited by Wade Balzer (TR'1894)
  • the Bible. Synodal, with Strong numbers (RST).
  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
We point to the verse and it stands out in all translations, as well as the word, which is useful for those who study Greek.
And by clicking on the word, we get the interpretation of the original word, in English.