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  1. - TakePlane - Project of business aviation.


  1. - Aviation Forum
address: Russia


One of the leading avenofunov runet.
  • Flight safety
  • Airline news
  • KB news and aviation industry
  • Airport news
  • Aviation forum
  • Marine Aviation is!
  • Aviation for Dummies

address: Russia
A virtual tour of 18 spherical panoramas shot from the city of Suzdal from a bird's-eye view.

The project is financially supported by the Russian Geographical Society, hence the butterfly is not one-day.

address: Russia

Forums airfo

Forum on military aviation.
  • The aviation encyclopedia
  • Everything about the AE project
  • The aviation of our days
  • The Cold War
  • Aviation from 1945 to 1992
  • The history of aviation until 1945
  • Match
  • Books, magazines, other aviation publications
  • Aviation photos and videos.
  • Afghan diary.
  • Brothers