10 free services on board an aircraft that you did not know about

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10 free services on board an aircraft that you did not know about

Experienced travelers are aware that many additional options for airlines are provided for free. But most do not know about their existence or think they need a surcharge.

Let's get acquainted with the most interesting of them.

10. Accessories for comfortable rest

Plaids, pillows and masks for sleep are included in the list of compulsory services. And even if a passenger wants to take a nap during a short flight, he has every right to ask the stewardess for all of the above. If you are more comfortable to carry a flight without shoes, the flight attendant will give you disposable socks or slippers.

On very long flights, passengers are obliged to issue kits for personal hygiene, which include toothpaste, soap, wet wipes, and some airlines - lip balm and hand cream.

9. Special menu

If the ticket is purchased in advance (at least 24 hours before departure), the passenger has the right to negotiate the menu: most companies offer dietary, baby, lean, vegetarian and even kosher meals. You do not need to pay for it either.

8. Snacks and a can of soda

You have the right to additional snacks - nuts, chips, etc. Unfortunately, this service is not available to all airlines. But to ask the stewardess on this score is, because this is also a free option.

7. Hot chocolate

The most popular drinks on board except tea and coffee are tea and coffee. But most major airlines have long expanded this list. For example, a popular hot drink hot chocolate may well be on board your aircraft. Do not be too lazy and check with the stewardess.

6. Convenient places

When buying tickets for a flight, you can choose places more comfortable, for example with a large legroom. Having discussed all the nuances in advance, you will provide yourself with the most comfortable flight. The exception is the airlines, in which a higher price is provided for places of increased convenience.

Change the chair during the flight is also quite realistic: if you ask the flight attendant, he will check for available seats and try to help you.

5. Additional portion of food

Meals are always included in the cost of the flight. But the appetite of all passengers is different. If you want to refresh yourself extra - do not be shy, ask the stewardess if there are any extra portions left. As a rule, flight attendants do not refuse to their clients in such requests, because often other passengers neglect the obligatory food, and the food remains in reserve.

4. Medications and first aid

On any voyage a full-fledged first-aid kit with a large selection of free essential medicines is provided: analgesics, antiemetics, antihistamines and other popular drugs. Flight attendants also know how to provide first aid, and it is included in the list of compulsory services.

3. Services for children

Moving with children by plane became much easier due to modern service. Babies who do not need to buy a separate place are provided with cradles for free. The only thing that parents need to do is book a special place next to which a cradle can be installed.

The stewardess will look after the child if the parent needs to go to the toilet. Many airlines also have a support service for children flying without their parents.

2. Entertainment

There is always something on board to entertain passengers: interesting magazines, headphones with radio, and built-in screens for watching movies.

1. Excursion to the cockpit

This is never spread on board. But if you quietly ask the stewardess to arrange for your child a short sightseeing tour on the plane with a visit to the cockpit of the pilot, you will most likely be given a positive response. At least the majority of airlines allow their flight attendants to take such a step towards the true admirers of aviation. The chances of success will increase if the excursion to the cockpit of the pilot happens after the landing.

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