What if the stolen numbers?

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What if the stolen numbers?

  1. Contact the police by calling 02.
    After reporting a theft, a traffic policeman will most likely come to the scene. The policeman must draw up a protocol and issue a ticket-notification that he accepted the statement on the fact of missing numbers.

  2. With this ticket we go to the registration and examination department of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, where you need to receive from administrators a request form for the loss of numbers.

  3. We write a statement and sign it in the traffic police.

  4. In order to get new numbers, you will have to re-take the procedure of taking the car off the register and putting it on the register. For the restoration of numbers will have to pay state duty, the amount of which is: for issuing a new certificate of registration TS 300 rub., For issuing new state registration numbers - 1.800 rub.

  5. After receiving new numbers, you need to replace the vehicle inspection certificate. You do not have to go through the inspection yourself. It is necessary to pay a state fee for issuing a new TO ticket.

  6. With the receipt to arrive at the station passing the inspection, write an application and go through the procedure for photographing the rooms.

  7. Then we get a coupon-duplicate.

List of required documents:

  1. A document certifying the identity of a citizen.
  2. Application for the issuance of duplicates of the certificate of registration and (or) passports and (or) registration marks of motor vehicles and (or) trailers.
  3. The document on payment of the state fee for the issuance of registration plates for motor vehicles.
  4. Document on payment of the state fee for issuing a certificate of registration of a motor vehicle.
  5. Registration marks of motor vehicles.
  6. The document on payment of the state fee for making changes to the vehicle's passport issued earlier.
  7. The document on payment of the state fee for the issuance of the vehicle's passport.
  8. Passport of the vehicle.