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Beautiful state rooms

They are also called "thieves' numbers". Once an inspector prefers not to get involved with such a machine, because there is not a simple person sitting there.
Although there were special raids on cars with thieves numbers. Sent vigilance, then raid. The usual method of traffic police.

In Russia, only now they are thinking of introducing a sale for the high price of beautiful car numbers. How it's done with beautiful phone numbers.

Many countries sell such numbers at auctions.
Great Britain - for the number "M1" was paid 331.5 thousand pounds sterling.
The UAE - Talal Khouri bought a number with the number 5 for 25.2 million dirhams, and in 2008 the number with 13 for 1 million dirhams.
In the same place in 2008, Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri purchased a number with the number 1 for 52.2 million dirhams.
In 2009, in the UK, the Lebanese Nabil Bishara bought his wife number "1 D", for 513 thousand dollars.

Nominal numbers

Nominal numbers in Ukraine

There are countries where non-standard numbers are allowed (name, abbreviation). We know this from American films.
By the way, in the US it's cool to use a postal address such as "Obama, the White House" or "Arnold Schwarzenegger, California". Such letters are quite successful.

Additional numbers

In Russia you can buy and put the 2nd number. The law so far does not prohibit placing anything outside the space for a license plate.
Here and put some signs like VOVAN. Such a sign costs ~ 600 rub.