How to protect against theft of state rooms

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How to protect against theft of state rooms

Steal numbers are more often in the guests of the city. They will prefer to pay and not deal with the restoration of the number.

Curtain Frame

Looks impressive, it is expensive. Catch, can be seriously penalized and forced to withdraw. Because they can hide the number from the cameras.


The idea is simple - a non-standard bolt shape under a special key. If it is difficult to unscrew, the cheater immediately switches to another machine.
There is such a set of rubles 300.

The shape of such bolts can be and another.

Some can be unscrewed with a conventional screwdriver, if not strongly rusted :).
If any bolts will meet the attacker too often, he himself can buy such a kit with a screwdriver.

This way of guarantee does not give.

Steel rivets just do not tear. No law on twisting car numbers, and snatching with meat is already vandalism and quite another article. The thief will not do it.

This method is reliable.
Advantage and that you make it difficult for a traffic police officer to rent a room if he decides to do so.


The thief approaches the car, the siren is working, he immediately leaves this site and will look elsewhere.

This method is reliable and perhaps the best.
If you need to remove the numbers, you do not have to bother with rivets, drill them.