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Truck designations

«L» - Larmarm Kraftfahzeuge (low noise track)

The maximum noise produced, in accordance with UNECE Rule 51, shall not exceed 80 dBA. This is comparable to the volume of a clockwork alarm located next to the bed, or the operation of the household waste shredder.

At the moment, most European tractors comply with this requirement.

Designation «G»

The certificate is similar to the Austrian example, however, it indicates the possibility of movement in the special ecological zone of Germany.

The conformity document is issued by the manufacturer of the tractor. The sign is mounted on the bumper of the car. This expands the possible area of movement of goods and accelerates the speed of delivery.

Modern trucks that meet this requirement and have an exhaust cleaning system can receive the general class of environmental friendliness “EURO-3 Safe” and use a sticker with the number 3.

Designation «U» (E) - Umwelt (nature)

This standard is even more stringent in requirements than the previous ones.

In addition to the maximum noise level, the minimum EURO-2 class is established according to the level of emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Also, annual technical inspection of security systems becomes mandatory.

Trucks with category "U" get the opportunity with less restrictions to move around foreign countries.

«S» - Supergrun

The safest, from an environmental point of view, class of tractors that can deliver goods throughout Europe.