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Bulletin PSTGU. Philology

The authors of the philological "Bulletin" are teachers, graduate students and graduates of the Philosophy of the Orthodox St. Tikhon Humanitarian University; In addition, the editorial board accepts the materials of specialist philologists. The "Philology" series is published four times a year.

Russian - Englesh

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address: Russia, St. Petersburg

Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House), Russian Academy of Sciences

Scientific institution in the system of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It was founded in 1905 in St. Petersburg as a museum-memorial and source research center of Pushkin studies. Departments and research groups of the Institute are engaged in studying

Fundamental electronic library «Russian literature and folklore'

Full-text information system on the works of Russian literature, bibliography, scientific research and historical and biographical works. The main content of the FEB is presented in electronic scientific publications, each of which is dedicated to a separate author, genre or work. Dictionary and encyclopedic section contains literary encyclopedias and reference books, as well as language dictionaries. The purpose of the section is to provide users with a variety of linguistic, philological and encyclopedic information related to the content of texts submitted to the FEB.


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The New York Times

Time Machine of the New York Times.
That is, we can read the newspaper from 1851 to 1922. News about the catastrophe of the Titanic or the end of the First World War you will see just as decorated, as the readers of the newspaper saw them many years a

I go to the lesson of the Russian language

The website for teachers "I go to the Russian language lesson" reflects the materials published in the newspaper "Russian language". The site presents a number of thematic areas: Phonetics and graphics of the Russian language, Vocabulary and phraseology, Morphemica and word formation, etc.

Center for Russian Language Development

Regional Public Fund, whose activities are aimed at supporting and disseminating the Russian language and culture in Russia and beyond.

Bulletin MGOU

The publication of the University "Vestnik MGOU" is included in the list of leading peer-reviewed and refereed scientific journals and publications published in the Russian Federation in which the main scientific results of dissertations for obtaining the scientific degree of a candidate and doctor of sciences in accordance with the decision of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Russia on 6.07.2007 are to be published.

Fund Russian World

Created by President Putin's decree on June 21, 2007. The main objectives of the Foundation are to popularize the Russian language, which is the national treasure of Russia and an important element of Russian and world culture, and support programs for studying the Russian language in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Archive of St. Petersburg Russian Studies

Department of the Russian language of the philological faculty of St.

Petersburg State University. The project of the "Archives of St. Petersburg Russian Studies" information system, supported by the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation, is aimed at providing information needs of researchers of the Russian language.

The circle of possible users: includes teachers of the Russian language department, philologists of other specializations, secondary school teachers, domestic and foreign specialists - linguists, literary critics, historians, psychologists, philosophers, etc., who are generally interested in the Russian language and its history.

Russian - Englesh

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Bilingual journal on Russian and theoretical philology.

"Philologica" is called to become a purely working body, whose publishers undertake to be guided solely by the interests of science itself, as they understand it.
They would like to create a kind of philological "oasis" for the unselfish scientific activity of all whose ideals do not differ too much from their own.

Political linguistics

Scientific journal of the Ural State Pedagogical University. The journal is designed to facilitate the exchange of up-to-date information in the field of political linguistics, as well as in the field of language, culture and society. It includes three main sections - "Political Communication", "Language - Politics - Culture" and "Classics of Political Linguistics". It is intended for philologists, political scientists, sociologists and all those who are interested in the problems of political communication.

The International Association of Russian Language and Literature Teachers

MAPRYAL was established at the Constitutive Conference in Paris in 1967 on the initiative of scientists from a number of countries as a public non-governmental organization. In 1975, it was granted a consultative status of UNESCO category "C". The task of the association is to contribute to the successful teaching of the Russian language and literature, the dissemination of cultural and spiritual values.

Russian - Englesh

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Ancient Russia

Science Magazine.
Modern domestic medieval studies long ago needed their own periodical, which would unite scientists of different specialties on their pages and ensure the operative publication of scientific information; Publication, excluding a methodological or any other dictate in the approach and development of current research problems - except for one: the requirements of the conformity of published materials with the criterion of scientific character.

Russian - Englesh

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Philology Yearbook

The collection contains articles and reports by teachers and staff of the Faculty of Philology of Omsk State University on the problems of Russian and foreign literature, folklore, as well as modern Russian language and linguistics.

Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library


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Library Content

Archive of public documents relating to the history and current state of Russian statehood, the memorial personal archive of the President of the Russian Federation.

Sources of Goods Receipt

  • Russian State Historical Archive,
  • Russian State Library,
  • Russian National Library,
  • Tyumen Regional Scientific Library named after. DI. Mendeleyev,
  • State Archives of the Russian Federation
  • and others.
At present, the funds of the Presidential Library contain more than 38 thousand items of storage. In the electronic repository of the Presidential Library there are more than 43 million image files. Additionally, in the online store, more than 2.5 million files are processed.

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Proceedings of Southern Federal University. Philology

Philological Sciences "The scientific journal of the philological direction has been published by the University since 1997 (" Philological Bulletin of Rostov State University ", Certificate of Registration No. 2966.) After the creation of the Southern Federal University as a result of joining the Rostov State Pedagogical University, Rostov State Academy of Architecture And art, Taganrog State Radio Engineering University (Order Ruler 1616-r of November 23, 2006), the magazine was renamed "Izvestiya SFU." Philological Sciences "and passed a new registration (certificate of registration of PI No. FS77-78745 dated July 5, 2007), the editorial board and editorial staff were updated In the 12 years of its existence, the journal has published articles by leading researchers on philological sciences from Russia, as well as near and far abroad.

Russian - Englesh

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Owner: Library of Congress
address: USA

World Digital Library

The World Digital Library is a project of the Library of Congress. The library will collect digitized versions of the most valuable materials on history and culture.

In 2007, the project was joined by the Russian National Library. The participants of the international project are national book depositories and archives of various countries.

The official opening of the project was on April 21, 2009.

Codex Sinaiticus

The digitized Codex Sinaiticus (the oldest Bible in the world).

This project took about four years to complete, specialists from libraries in Britain worked on it, Russia, Germany and Egypt.
We must add that the site has only 4 languages, including Russian.

Sinaitic code in Wikipedia

Russian - Englesh

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tel.: 8 800 100-57-90
address: Russia

Russian State Library

Within the walls of the Russian State Library there is a unique collection of Russian and foreign documents in 247 languages ​​of the world; The volume of its fund exceeds 43 million units of storage. There are specialized collections of maps, music, sound recordings, rare books, dissertations, newspapers and other publications.

The library grants the right to use its reading rooms to all citizens Russia and other states that have reached the age of 18. Every day about 200 new readers are enrolled here. In the RSL every day comes almost 4 thousand people, and virtual reading rooms located in 80 cities Russia and near abroad daily serve more than 8 thousand visitors.

The funds of the Library have been used by various people for 140 years. Among them are world-famous scientists and students, practitioners and thinkers, our compatriots and foreigners.

Library of Congress

America's oldest federal cultural institution, and it serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with more than 162 million items. The collections include books, sound recordings, motion pictures, photographs...


Manuscripts of Stendhal

The University in Grenoble, in collaboration with the local library, posted about 500 pages of Stendhal's manuscripts on Internet, including his travel notes, letters and essays, writes The Guardian. According to one of the editors of the site Cecile Meynard, the site With manuscripts is of interest not only for specialists, but also for ordinary readers. In addition to the manuscripts themselves, the site also contains their transcripts: Stendhal's handwriting is very illegible. As the publication notes, the library of Grenoble has a large number of manuscripts and drafts of Stendhal, and in due course on the site should appear the digitized autographs of his novels, including "Life of Henri Brylar 'and the unfinished book' Lucien Leven". At the same time, the manuscripts of 'Red and Black' and 'Parma Cloister' - the two most famous novels of the writer - will not be published on the site, since they were destroyed.

Russian truth

One of the most important documents of Russian history, the first code of law of Medieval Russia. This project is designed to reflect the presentation of this outstanding monument in the richest manuscript collections of the Russian National Library. The project contains a commented electronic publication of the text of the Russian Truth and a set of auxiliary materials that will be useful to students of schools and universities, as well as all those interested in Russian history.

Book Cover Archive

Assembling the designs of covers of books of different times: modern and vintage.