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  1. - RSHA - Russian State Historical Archive.
  2. - RGAE - Russian State Archive of Economics.
  3. - RGAKFD - Russian State Archive of Film and Photo Documents.
  4. - RGALI - Russian State Archive of Literature and Art.
  5. - RGANTD - Russian State Archive of Scientific and Technical Documentation.
  6. - RGASPI - Russian State Archive of Social and Political History.
  7. - RGAVMF - Russian State Archive of the Navy.
  8. - Assembly of the Russian Federation - State Archives of the Russian Federation.


Russia in the original.
The goal is to provide Internet with free access to primary sources, to books and texts that are in the largest book storages and state Archives are available only to the visitors of dozens of the largest Russian libraries.

The publication of archival documents, prepared from 1836 to 1915, has begun. The Russian Academy of Sciences and archaeographic commissions. Facsimile copies of the books are freely available on the website of the historical library Runivers (, a network project created with the support of Transneft.

Today the researchers And fans of the history of Russia already have the opportunity to freely read and download the "Archive of South-West Russia
Acts of the Caucasian Archaeographic Commission "and" Acts of the Moscow State ". In the series "Archive of the South-West Russia" documents of the Kiev archive were published, which was established in 1852, at the University of St. Vladimir for the storage of ancient books of the Kiev, Podolsky and Volyn provinces. The publication was undertaken by the Kiev Archeographic Commission from 1859 to 1911. In total 34 volumes were published.

Documents published in the Archive of the South-West Russia "cover the period from the 13th to the 20th centuries. "Acts of the Caucasian Archaeographic Commission" is a collection of documents on the history of the Caucasus from the 10th century to 1862, published under the editorship of the outstanding Caucasus researcher Adolf Berger. In 12 volumes of the publication, valuable sources on the history of the peoples of the Caucasus have been published: Arabic chronicles, firmas, gujars (grants) and other acts, mainly XIV-XIX centuries in Georgian, Armenian, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Tatar, Turkish with Russian translation, as well as the genealogy of local khans and sultans. Each volume includes documents during the reign of this or that Caucasian Governor.

Documents of the Soviet era

Personal archive of Stalin and other archives.
Supreme organs of the party-state power of the Soviet era.
Organizations and institutions.
Personal funds of prominent figures of the Soviet era.
Photo, film and background - collection.
Great Patriotic War.