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On the site you can
  1. Forum discussion,
  2. ask questions and get answers to topics related to tourism,
  3. share reviews about your trips,
  4. Search for travel companions or sponsors for a holiday.
  5. search and book flights, watch the best airline deals,
  6. Add free ads related to tourism, or commercial tourist information.

address: Russia


An interactive guide: a site and a multimedia virtual tour. The children's site was developed by specialists of the Game and Toys Center for parents, as well as teachers and psychologists. This is an original interactive guide that shows and tells how to organize a children's room.

A virtual tour of 'Children's' is accompanied by informative tips.

In the 'How to choose toys' section, visitors will receive recommendations for choosing different types of toys.
In the 'Catalog of toys' you can get acquainted with various toys, see their voluminous photos, learn the name and manufacturer.