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address: Russia


Material of the Vesti channel.

News archive of the TV channel Russia.
You can see for a week, today, for the month ...

Voice of America

An American international public broadcaster.

The channel presents an American view of events in the world.
News about events in the U.S. is the most interesting. They are usually more detailed and balanced.

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RBC TV channel

The leading Russian TV channel of business topics.
It will be interesting not only for specialists. Complicated things are explained by simple language.
The channel raises the themes of economics and business.

Almost every hour it issues news, ordinary news, not economic news.
In one year it was voted the best news channel in Europe.

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European 24-hour news channel.
It broadcasts in many languages, including Russian.

The news is completely non-political, as neutral and balanced as possible.
You can switch it on whenever you want and watch the latest broadcast or use the archive.

Very useful, especially when you need an alternative point of view on the situation.


Deutsche Welle - German wave in Russian.

Here is a European point of view on events that is different from both the Russian and the American.
In my opinion, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

I generally try to avoid analytics, prefer bare facts.
Each side tries to keep silent about uncomfortable facts.
Here I could see what is silent in Russia.

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