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Video tutorials and instructions

  1. - TeacherTube - The name of the site says that this is YouTube on the topic of education.
    Of course the level is much lower than the known video hosting, but the topic is important.

Yandex Academy

Information technology courses - Training in Yandex.
Here you can find training opportunities with Yandex, you can study online, watch videos.

Online courses from Yandex

Courses and lectures on in-demand professions in IT.

Programming and data analysis

In the online courses you'll not only get the necessary knowledge from Yandex employees and invited experts, but also learn practical skills. No unnecessary theory, only what will come in handy in real life.

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Five courses dedicated to introduction to machine learning and basic data processing tools.
Lecturers will show the full cycle of analysis - from data collection to selection of optimal solution and its quality estimation, they will teach to use modern analytical tools and adapt them for particular tasks.

The art of developing in modern C++

Teachers share their long experience of creating large projects in C++.
They don't retell the textbook, but teach how to solve the problems most developers face in practice. Lectures are presented in an easy and accessible form, supported by a large number of programming tasks.
Finishing this specialization will allow you not only to speak about C++ comparing it with other languages, but also get the real skill of programming.

Interface design: layout and javascript

Taking this specialization, you'll learn the basic tools of an interface developer.
The main highlight of all courses - complex, but not detached from reality practical tasks.
.They were prepared by the Yandex developers.
.They tried to make the exercises resemble the real working tasks as much as possible.

Data structures and algorithms

The curriculum includes five courses and project work.
Students are introduced to algorithms and data structures that are commonly used to solve problems in computer science.
During the training you not only have to come up with algorithms, but also to implement them - it gives you a deeper understanding of the material.
The program language is English.

Big Data for Engineers

Program of the three courses and projects is designed primarily for people who want to learn how to work with large amounts of data - to store them and build fail-safe and efficient processing systems.
But specialization will be also useful for those who deals with data mining. The program language is English.

Machine Learning: Advanced

In this series of online courses, instructors give the basics of deep learning, reinforcement learning, automatic text processing, computer vision, and Bayesian methods.

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The educational platform that provides online courses is the best education in the world accessible to everyone from leading universities and organizations of the world for all.

Courses are paid, knowledge of the language is required, for example. English or Spanish, depending on the course.

Themes: business, computer science, data science and ...

How it works

  1. Course tasks
    Each course is an interactive tutorial that contains videos, tests and projects.
    Communicate with thousands of other students: discuss ideas, materials Course and help each other learn new concepts.

  2. Certificates
    Obtain documents about your studies and share your success with friends, colleagues and employers.

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reliable site

Owner: Google
address: USA

Google Digital Garage

Learn Online Marketing - Free Training Course.

Grow your career or business at your own pace, with flexible and personalised training courses designed to build your confidence and help you thrive.


reliable site

Used: YouTube.

address: Russia


Interactive training television.
This service enables users to get a video response (in the form of a screencast) on the raised question on computer subjects (for various programs, Internet services and ...). The project provides not only a video responses service, But also other standard web 2.0 social services, as well as the ability to watch screencasts-reviews on novelties in the world of IT and Internet. The main application is getting the most necessary and useful information about computers, as well as the opportunity to learn news in this area, to be constantly up to date with the latest developments. Video tutorials about computers and modern technologies using Internet, and also to be in the know The latest events from the world of IT.




The largest educational online project for teachers and educators, students and parents.

Daily visits to more than 1 million people. The site is included in the 20 most visited sites in Russia.

Portal collected:

  1. more than 3,000,000 teaching materials,
  2. 3476 video lessons in the main subjects of the school curriculum,
  3. 132 tests,
  4. 89 video lectures on modern educational topics,
  5. vocational retraining courses (243 courses)
  6. 350 advanced training courses,
  7. international competitions and competitions,
  8. a catalog of more than 60,000 tutors from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.


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Teaching video lessons: short films created by teachers and animators.
Animated video tutorials 3-8 minutes for high school.
All lessons are in plain English, we just choose subtitles in our language.

Virtual training center.
Simply, these are paid video lessons on various topics.
You can be both a student and a teacher (of course, if you really are a teacher).

When you purchase video material, you can view Its unlimited number of times from any computer.


Educational resource in physics and mathematics for schoolchildren and teachers.

GetAClass offers to schoolboys:

  1. Interesting and understandable video tutorials on physics and mathematics;
  2. Summaries with the most important to each video lesson;
  3. In the near future simulators for learning to solve problems.

    For teachers on GetAClass there are:

    1. Interesting and understandable video lessons and other methodical materials on physics and mathematics that can be used to prepare and conduct lessons in school;
    2. Tools for compiling online assignments for your students and online checking their level of knowledge;
    3. A large number of problems in physics, including tasks on OGE and USE.

Video tutorials on the Internet

New free video tutorials, tests, useful materials and experience in teaching various subjects of the school curriculum, as well as hot news and unique offers for teachers, students and parents can be found in the blog of our project.

Amaze Kids

Simple, understandable, with a large font, a beautiful educational portal for children. Here children learn lessons for children through video and games. Children will learn to draw, sing, read, count.



Pedagogical community for teachers of school, preschool and additional education.

Here are interesting discussions of the participants, useful publications and lessons for teachers.

Free contests for teachers of various profiles are held regularly.

Community created by teachers for teachers.


Instructions for more than 40,000 brands.

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Video lessons on creativity from top experts.

CreativeLive gives an opportunity to reveal people's potential by attracting the world's largest specialists directly to you, practically live. Thanks to the master classes in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, creativity, and software training, CreativeLive unlocks previously closed doors, making dynamic education accessible to all.

Anyone can watch live online seminars - for free - and interact with teachers in real time.

Free education of the future.



Open educational portal.

Here you can:

  1. watch educational films on various topics;
  2. attend lectures at leading Russian and foreign universities;
  3. Visit a prestigious scientific conference or a popular science lecture on a topic of your interest;
  4. in the section "School" - to see the best examples of teaching complex school topics.


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TED (Technology Entertainment Design) is a private non-profit foundation in the United States, conducts conferences. The goal is to spread smart ideas. The most successful lectures can be viewed on the site.
Themes: technology, entertainment, design, science, politics, culture, business, art.

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address: USA, Mountain View

Khan Academy

Providing high-quality education to all and everywhere.
The site has over 4,200 micromolecules in mathematics, history, health and medicine, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, economics, cosmology, organic Chemistry, the fundamentals of American citizenship, the history of art, macro and microeconomics, computer science.

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The largest collection of instructions on Internet in Internet.
Most are equipped with videos and understandable without translation.
You are here if you need to master the practical skill, how to hammer nails, remove handcuffs without a key, lear

Children Science

The purpose of the courses is to develop interest in the subject and to learn, if the learning process captures, then the result will be.

The enthusiasm for the subject begins with interesting questions and a good storyteller. Because the courses are copyright, and the main element is video lessons with live teachers and scientists recognized as masters of their craft.

The service cooperates with the school "Intellectual", one of the best Moscow multi-disciplinary schools.


Video recordings of school lessons of famous teachers of Russian schools and gymnasiums. Each student now has the opportunity to see the lessons of distinguished teachers for free!

The site team records for you a collection of video lessons on the main subjects of the school program. Now published more than 500 video lessons on algebra, geometry, history, literature, Russian language and other subjects.

Records are combined into thematic groups in accordance with the school curriculum. Thus, school Lessonbooks are created in the video format. Now the program is covered from 6 to 10 classes.

Most of the videos are accompanied by additional materials - colorful graphics, slides and diagrams. In the future plans - shooting and placement of video lessons for junior and 11th graders, resuming lessons with the use of new technologies.

With distance learning, computer technologies are used as much as possible, which opens up great opportunities in studying the material. For example, the video tutorial can be stopped, you can return to the listened phrases of the teacher. The lesson can be attached hyperlinks, graphics, illustrations, making it much more interesting and extensive. This will teach your child to analyze the acquired material, come to your own conclusions based on the information received. In addition, you do not have to buy a large number of Lessonbooks. You can find everything you need by yourself.

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