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Google Docs

Documents and spreadsheets.
You can create documents and folders. The access level is set to folders. You can close only for yourself or 'rassharit' - open access for joint creativity.

A great office combine for working with documents and spreadsheets. It is able to replace Microsoft Word and Excel in most cases. Has a tight integration with the online software Google Mail (Gmail) and Groups. Also using Google Docs, you can check Russian spelling and update your blog.

Supports the format .docx (Microsoft Office 2007).
Also supported formats are .DOC, .ODT, XLS, .ODS, .PPT, .CSV, .HTML, .TXT, .RTF, etc.

Access without registration

It is possible to make documents open to all comers.
Documents are not indexed and not Are issued in the Google search engine, but if you make public access, then anyone who knows the address of the link can look at the document.

Convenience is that a person does not have to register to see your documents, the cat rye you want to show him.

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Hosting for programmers with the ability to work together. Free for projects opensourse, and for commercial there are tariffs.

On the site first of all you can post and keep the code, for teamwork. But it's not just hosting or cloud, it's a platform for working together, where you can communicate, discuss, comment on each other, watch how friends are doing.

There is also your office and Wiki. A system for tracking errors has been developed.

Story Wars

Joint writing of stories.

How does it work?

You can create your own history or continue what someone started. After 2 additions have been made, the countdown starts. This is the remaining time that other people can add to this chapter.

When the countdown is over, the voting stage for additions is included.

In short, the idea is that many can write a book, but not all have the spirit to suffice. The purpose of the site is to stimulate.
It's easier to write a little, just a part, to enter something ready, than to start from scratch.
Plus the points system, voting create an atmosphere of competition that stimulates more time to spend on the site.
Here so it is imperceptible to you to open your literary gift.

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The Web 2.0 model is by its very nature ideal for teamwork, as evidenced by blogs and wikis. Therefore, it is surprising that the programs for teamwork and project management are not really as many as one might have imagined. BaseCamp is probably the best of them.

There is an English version of the product itself, but before registration everything will be in English.



Basecamp API

Third-party developers can create add-ons to Basecamp themselves using an API that follows the principles of REST.

Registration Types

There are 4 types of paid accounts that differ in the number of projects and users, the size of the file storage, and the availability of time tracking tools. The company provides a 30-day trial period for any of the paid accounts. Also available is a free plan with no time limit, with only one project supported, but without the ability to download files.

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Joint work

Логотип сайта IncrediboxIncredibox

address: France, Saint-Etienne, So Far So Good 17 rue Michelet 42000


We create background electronic music for ourselves.
Here everything is simple and clear, understandable if you watch the video.

How it works

  1. Start, click Create your mix
  2. Select the style by the creation years,
  3. The little man and tools appear below, just pulling on It's a tool or a melody that he needs to sound - RHYTHM, EFFECT, MELODY, VOICE,
  4. Immediately the next person appears, select a sound for him,
  5. If you do not like a sound, double-click and remove it,
  6. Liked it? - Write - Record.

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