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  1. - Maam - Social network for preschool educators.
address: USA


A social network that connects classmates ... well, you can co-workers and colleagues. This is not for Russia, not only because there is no Russian here, but because we already have our Classmates and everything is there, but ours are not here.

Everything for schoolchildren. Search for new friends, new acquaintances to communicate on school topics. Music, play games, chat.


If there was a question on homework, we ask and receive a response from other participants. Questions are structured around school subjects.
What we know, we share and help. What we do not know is asking.
We help others more, get more points.
So everyone here is more interested in answering than asking. So the desire for knowledge grows.

There are rules on the site that I have not read and will never read, like almost all the participants.
The rules are probably longer than the military statute.
Well, in general, the site is very good and megapopular.

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More than 50 thousand schools from all over the country are present on the site, and their number is constantly growing.

School website is easy and free

Creating your school website has never been easier! As on your computer, you create folders (for example, "School Photos", "Schedule", "Teachers", "Articles of teachers") and put the necessary files in them. Done!

Place materials

On the page of your school (as well as on your personal page) you can post any materials for free - photos and videos, documents and timetables, diary entries and official letters ...

Meet, chat, share files

You can get acquainted with the authors of interesting materials, teachers and students of schools of interest to you - and just with good people. A convenient system of communication with the functions of sharing news and files will help you to be aware of all interesting events.