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Question and answer service for students.

Not infrequently, on classical sites, questions and answers are asked to solve homework, well, just decide instead of you.
Few people like this and therefore students do not receive help.
And help is needed and adequate, not stupid in writing the answer, but it is not clear to explain.

This question and answer site is entirely dedicated to students.
Questions are structured into school subjects.
So if someone has difficulties with some subject, you can just go over the questions already asked, you can find useful.

Russian education

Federal portal.

Created in 2002, and from the very beginning managed to establish itself as a reliable assistant to schoolchildren and students.

The audience has over a million unique visitors every month. The portal has one of the highest thematic citation indexes among the media in the category “Education” according to the version of Yandex.

Current news, announcements of events, and informational materials are published daily for a wide range of readers: students and their parents, applicants, students and teachers.

Weekly on the portal are placed exclusive materials, interviews with leading experts - teachers, psychologists, scientists, reports and analytical articles.

Our readers get access to the legal framework of the field of education, they can use a variety of useful services, such as online testing, surveys on current topics, etc.


Homework perfectly.

So that the students do not have the stress of heavy loads, the fear of getting a bad grade, but there was still time for a full sleep, extra classes, sports, communication with peers, you should do your homework with GDZ. Ready hom


Love GDZ

Universal educational portal, created specifically for students of all ages.

If you are a megabot, decide for yourself! Here you will always find the most up-to-date ready-made homework in all subjects, using which you can complete any task, even the most difficult.
In order for everyone to easily find the necessary example, we have developed a convenient navigation that allows you to search in a few seconds. It is enough to choose the desired subject and class, to determine the author of the school textbook - this is quite enough to find the answer to the right question.

The site will be equally useful to both students and their parents, because GDZ collections for grades 1-11 are an excellent source of educational and practical information. Working with ready-made detailed answers you can disassemble the missed topic, quickly prepare for the control, and even for the exam.
The presented database of reshebnik is constantly updated, because school textbooks also come out regularly. That is why we can safely assert that our site contains the newest textbooks in mathematics, Russian, algebra, geometry, physics, English, chemistry and other subjects.

For those who need to constantly have the answers at hand, we have provided the opportunity to download GDZ during viewing. This will allow you to be always fully prepared and receive only high points in the classroom.


Homework help site by type of question and answer sites.

Here you can ask a question or answer questions yourself. And it is always more pleasant to answer, especially when you know something.

So the site stimulates homework. Who knows - fixes. Who does not know - does not receive an answer, but a step-by-step decision, and it becomes unclear to him before.

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address: Russia


A calculator with solutions of examples and equations online.

Free program for automatically solving mathematical examples of any complexity with displaying the steps of the solution online. A simple and pleasant interface, a lot of mathematical functions, solving problems on a tetrad sheet online with a single click. You will see the execution of all the actions of solving examples, equations and mathematical problems "in a column" on the fly, by pressing a pair of buttons. Solve examples and equations online for free with the help of the calculator-rezabychnika program Lovi Answer!

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Someone was born a mathematical genius, but literature and Russian are worse for him - a techie man.

And someone on the contrary, writes poetry, but to solve a math problem - the greatest difficulty! About these usually say humanities.

Good for those who have an older brother or sister who will help and prompt. And besides, they will explain how and what to do in order to click on such tasks as nuts in the future. And if there is no one to help? After all, it happens, right? Then Reshebnik is a magic wand, which will prompt the way to solve the problem and help out if you really urgently need to hand over the finished work, and you cannot solve it yourself.

And yet, before you find and write off a ready-made solution, ask again the question, are you really not able to do this particular task? Or maybe you still try once more to solve it yourself, and use the problem book for self-testing?


  • The textbook helps to solve various types of exercises. The student will be able to check himself and correct mistakes. Independent work on the errors will be executed.
  • Reshebnik helps to avoid mistakes before submitting work. So the workbook during use will not see the remarks with the teacher’s red pen.
  • A problem book as a simulator is a kind of practice. There is an opportunity to test your knowledge of the material. Control or final certification will not be so difficult.
  1. Reshebnik contains the solution of complex tasks. Such numbers are set if the child studies in the lyceum, in the gymnasium, where the basic, in-depth, core level of study of the subject (algebra, biology).
  2. GDZ consists of many parts, but despite this, the child will be able to complete the task that was given to him. He will be able to easily find the desired subject (Russian, mathematics, geometry, physics) from 1 to 11 class and choose the exercise on numbering.
  3. The textbook contains text translations in English and German throughout the school course.


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