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When you buy something online, you are asked for an email to let you know when you receive the goods.
When you buy a product, they send you offers with great discounts.

I remember a letter with the offer "only to me" at a discount of 45%.
I chose a product for 5 500 rubles, which will cost me 1 500 rubles. Well, that's cool.
And let me see, I think, how much it costs in other stores?
And it is everywhere and costs 1,500 rubles, there is no such price 5,500 rubles.

This is true, thinking about discounts.
How many times have I made sure, we need to find out the final price that I will pay.

I remember to buy hosting and free domain name. Only after a year you have to pay $20 for a year extension of this "free" domain.
And where it is not free, the domain costs $12.

. Discounts are just a form of sales, what do I care? I am interested only in one thing, how much it will cost me, we are interested only in the final figure.

I learned this when faced with network marketing. They come, tell a fairy tale, and then offer the second set for free (understandably, such action only for me). I remember listening to such a salesman and already wanted to buy.
But after this lecture I simply removed my emotions and looked at the figure, did I pay so much for this product?
In fact, it was junk, which cost about the same amount on the market.
But would I buy it there? No.

Not all the gold that shines.


reliable site

Owner: Yandex

address: Russia


Discounts on the main shopping networks in your city.

Almost all shopping networks of Russia, and some regional ones are represented. Actually almost all the shops, where there are discounts.

Registration is not required, the site and applications immediately find out your location and offer a list of your stores, you choose the necessary or all and see discounts for now. You can set a search, remember the choice.

In our small town check is easy. I drove through the shops, found out the price of certain goods in fact and compared it with the application. In my case, everything was correct.

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The ideal price

The online store "Ideal price" sells fashion brands with substantial (sometimes up to 70%) discounts.

How is this achieved?

  • There are no retail spaces for which you have to pay a lot, especially in the city center.
  • There is not even a warehouse.
  • A limited number of items, a large batch is bought at the lowest possible wholesale prices.
  • The minimum advertising costs, because the well-known brand is traded.
  • The whole lot is guaranteed to be sold, which means there is no risk of unsold goods.

The scheme of the club is simple

  1. The contract with the supplier and the coordination of the assortment for the stock.
  2. Preparation of the action, photographed and described in detail the goods.
  3. Invitations are sent to members of the club, and during the campaign, orders from community members are collected for 3-5 days.
  4. The exact amount ordered by the members of the club buys from the supplier.
  5. The order is delivered to the buyer.


The ideal price


Here you will share
  • the secrets of shopping,
  • new sales,
  • the best promotions,
  • ...
Everything, so that your purchase is successful.


Virtual country of Darius.
Here you can buy something together, because it's cheaper. But you can and sell.
This is a platform for business and consumers.
Discount no, but wholesale is always cheaper and more profitable for everyone.


The site collects discounts and promotions from Western online stores, regularly on the site about 50,000 discount coupons.

It is possible at a discount to buy hosting, domain registration, photo services and ...

The database is replenished by users. There was a discount - there was a discussion of the discount. It immediately becomes clear how coupons work. Maybe already the time has passed. In short, the pitfalls emerge.

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