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Iframe, money from the air

The sale of iframe traffic is generally a unique form of earnings, you place on your site the special code of these partners and earn money, while users do not see anything, do not open annoying windows and banners. True, the cost of one unique visitor is small.

Not annoying at all, the visitor does not know about it.

The surest way to quickly kill a website.

The site does not pop up any windows, no banners, links and other advertising.
When clicks on the pages of the site also nothing happens.
Site advertiser will be loaded simultaneously with your site in the same page in an invisible frame, through the iframe code. This can be seen only in the status bar of the browser, where the addresses of the download sites are displayed, and also the site load will be slowed down a little.

Payment is for unique visitors to the site, which simultaneously with your in the frame loaded sites advertisers. This technology allows you to earn good money with a large attendance of your site. About this technology they say "money from the air".


Here is an example of how another page is displayed here. This page can be from both this site and from any other.

The very principle is simple

  • Attendance ph4.ru - 14000 uniques per day
  • Attendance ph4.tv - 20 Units per day
  • Set iframe:
    <iframe src="https://www.ph4.tv/index.php" width=0 height=0 frameborder=0> </iframe>
    To the site ph4.ru
  • Now those who visit ph4.ru simultaneously visit and ph4 .org, without seeing it and not knowing.
  • Attendance ph4.tv became 14020 uniques per day.
But it's not entirely honest or completely dishonest.

Yandex ratio

Here is the official position of Yandex:


One of the directions of earnings for black is the installation through the IFRAME of the Trojan to the user. Such "businessmen" buy traffic, launch affiliate programs with one goal - to infect as many users as possible with the Trojan and subsequently use it for selfish purposes (creating botnets for Ddos attacks, proxy for spam and ...).

If the administrator of the system does not remove such villains in a timely manner, your site can be seriously damaged, as it will be banned by search engines, antivirus programs will respond to it as a virus distributor.

Services that thus earn can not 100% control the traffic going. Because viruses are almost inevitable.

How to recognize if there are viruses or not?

If your site is registered at webmaster.yandex.ru, then you:
  • A warning will come first,
  • then a warning will come again, and when you issue requests on Yandex, your website will instead have a brief description of the line "Site may threaten the security of your computer." Such an inscription may appear and at Google. You can notice this and on a sharp decline in site traffic.
  • then banned.
Attention! Visiting this site can harm your computer.

If you have a Google Chrome browser, then when you visit your site, the following window will appear:

Attention! Visiting this site can harm your computer.

Conclusion: the question is not how to "earn", but how to protect the computer.

How to protect your computer from such viruses


First of all, I recommend you to go online via Google Chrome. He warns of potentially dangerous sites.
Internet Explorer is the default and so many use it. And that's why viruses are sharpened for the most part under it.
Once I went to one site through Mozilla Firefox and the windows crashed, opened one after another, could not be stopped, it's time to restart the computer. Google Chrome will be allowed to open one window without clicking, the rest will be blocked.
Maybe there are other good browsers, just share what works for me.

To do this, open any notebook on your computer file without an extension:


(You can open this address through the "execute" menu or through the explorer. Normally this way to the system, you can have a slightly different disk.)
And add a list of blocked sites to it, I recommend just copying everything from the list and pasting it. 1traff.ru 1under.ru Anytraffic.ru bin-layer.ru cap.ru clickunder.net code.myiframe.com cutlot.cn cykahax.net fastantimalwarescan.com go.grandtraff.com go.iframepay.com go.lank.ru go.paytraff.biz go.richtraffic.ru go2link.ru goldentraff.ru goldtraf.net goldtraf.ru goldtraf.su grandtraff.com hyperliteautoservices.cn iframe24.ru iframepay.com internetcountercheck.com ipru.ru kingpop.ru kingtraf.ru lankru.ru link2you.ru linktraff.ru media-click.ru media-click.ru musicrank.ru myiframe.com new-popups.ru nikilink.cn partypoker.com paytraff.biz pop-bazar.com popkiller.ru popon.ru popunder.ru popunder.su popupclick.ru popuptraf.net popuptraf.ru pop-wmz.ru powerwmr.ru protizer.ru protraf.us R1media.ru redtram.com richtraffic.ru trafficshop.biz trafficwm.ru traffmonster.com trafing.com trafing.net trafmaker.ru trafpartner.com uk.myiframe.com under-click.ru viptraff.ru webhop.info web-rom.ru wr.webhop.net www.cbox.ws www.code.myiframe.com www.go.grandtraff.com www.go.iframepay.com www.go.lank.ru www.go.paytraff.biz www.go.richtraffic.ru www.goldtraf.info www.goldtraf.net www.goldtraf.ru www.goldtraf.su www.grandtraff.com www.iframepay.com www.kingtraf.ru www.lank.ru www.lankru.ru www.myiframe.com www.paytraff.biz www.powerwmr.ru www.richtraffic.ru www.traffmonster.com www.trafing.com www.trafing.net www.trafpartner.com www.uk.myiframe.com www.viptraff.ru www2.cbox.ws yabs.yandex.ru yahahaa.com