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Internet advertising - glossary

BodyClick (ClickUnder)
There is no advertising on the site page, but the advertiser's page opens when the visitor clicks the site for the first time anywhere (for example, by a link or navigation menu).

Such advertising bothers as advertising spam.

(I seek you)
A small Java-code that calls in the right bottom corner of the screen a stylized ICQ window. Has a cross, after clicking on which, the window is blocked for 24 hours. Payment is made for clicks on this window.


A small banner, not tied to the design of the site, imitating the bending of the edge of the paper. Can be located in the corner of the browser screen. It takes up little space when minimized. When clicked on it - unfolds and demonstrates a large banner, while closing the content of the page.

Not very annoying.

Pop-up window. The browser window is smaller than the screen size, without the navigation elements, the address bar. Very, very annoying.
Such ads are popular with blocking.
Banner advertising
Advertising, which aims to attract visitors to the site through the placement of banners in banner networks.

Annoying advertising, especially when something blinks (animation, flashback), is very annoying.
Such ads like to block.

Input page - page of the site, optimized for one or more search phrases in order to hit high places in search results. The automatically generated doorway contains random text, in which the search phrase is periodically encountered, and therefore does not bring any benefit to the visitor. Manually created doorway can be a meaningful page on a narrow topic, useful and useful to the user.
Contextual advertising
Advertising message, corresponding to the content of the page.

Modern, non-intrusive advertising.

Floating Link Unit
The link unit is displayed on top of the rest of the page content and moves up and down when it scrolls.

Very, very annoying.
This kind of advertising is like blocking.

Narrow panel at the top of the browser window. Visually, the panel occupies the entire width of the window and, if its dimensions change, it stretches or shrinks. The TopLine ad panel is not tied to the page, and when you scroll it it always remains in sight.

Not annoying.

Teaser advertising
Marketing reception, when a special intriguing phrase or image that causes consumer interest is used as an advertisement. The secret, as a rule, is revealed a little later.